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#10 Use surveys to make smarter marketing and business decisions

Get to know your audience by creating surveys. It is truly one of the best ways to figure out what your customers want and what’s in their heads and what they think about you and your brand. Luckily, with technology, asking your customers or your leads any questions is easier than ever!

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Hello there, I’m Andrea Palten. I’m a live long marketer and I’m here to teach you industry tricks and tips.


Today we are talking about using surveys to make smarter marketing and business decisions.


I cannot tell you how many students I’ve had that asked me how they can figure out what their customers want.


My answer to that very important and vital question is, ask them.


Yep, it’s that easy, just ask them.


You can ask them by creating surveys. It is truly one of the best ways to figure out what your customers want and what’s in their heads and what they think about you and your brand. Luckily, with technology, asking your customers or your leads any questions is easier than ever!


First let’s talk about why surveys are so valuable for marketing and for your business. It’s because surveys give you the chance to collect information you may not be able to get any other way. You are hearing answers straight from the customer.


Not only that, but it also shows your leads and customers that you care about their opinions because you are engaging with them. Remember, content marketing is all about engaging with your people and building a community.


Surveys can help you figure out what your customers think of your brand, your service or your product or even you. You can learn important demographic information plus psychographic information. You will learn pain points your customers have and with their answers you ca figure out what you can do to solve their problems.


Now that you know that surveys can really help you out as a marketer and business owner, I’ll share with you some of my favorite tools for surveying my followers.


I just love sending them an email. Yep, a plain out email and asking them to answer one question. It’s short, quick and painless. For example, I recently surveyed my email list asking them what topics they would like me to cover in my next Facebook Live videos.


My audience is already used to me emailing them so it wasn’t a stretch for them to see my email and reply to it.


Another great tool is Facebook, they even have a polling tool you can use.


And I love Instagram. Specifically Instagram stories. It’s a super cool way to survey your followers. You can use the question tool they have in Instagram stories and ask your fans anything you want. But remember, with Instagram stories, your question will only be out there for 24 hours.


The best and most thorough way to survey your folks is to use a software tool like SurveyMonnkey. There are tons of tools out there, but I like to use SuveyMonkey since I’m familiar with them since I’ve been using them for years.


SurveyMonkey is super cool because they have templates you can use, you can brand your survey with your colors and logo, they have sample questions you can ask and the metrics they give you at the end of the survey are so in depth. You can really learn from these metrics.


Once you’ve picked your survey tool, you then will need to figure out what you want to ask your customers.


Here are some examples.


If you need to find out more about your audience because you are doing research on who they are, you can ask questions like what is their age? What do they like to read? Where do they spent their time on line?


If you are wanting to see if they like your service, you can ask them questions like would they recommend your service to their friends? Did your service solve their problem? What did they like most about your service? And what did they like least about your service?


If you are doing competitive research, you can ask questions to your audience like how your brand compared to that of your competitor.


If you want to dig deep into your customers minds before you roll out your next service or product, ask them what problems they want you to solve for them. Also, ask them about their struggles, they will tell you. Then you provide a service that solves these issues they are facing.


I have a free training pdf for you on my site for this podcast episode, so just go to since this is episode 10. In it I go over why surveys are important, what tools you can use, and tips on how to create your surveys. After reading this PDF, you can get started immediately. Again, just go to


That’s it for today. If you found this podcast episode helpful, please leave me a review. Reviews are the only way for my podcast to appear in front of new people.


A special thanks to Anna who left me a sweet review saying “If you’re just starting your own business or are looking to grow your customer base, look no further! Andrea’s years of marketing experience will give you the tools you need to elevate your business.” Thanks Anna for that kind review!


Ok, guys, that’s it. I will talk to you next week.


Thanks for listening!




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