Deliver value throughout the 5 stages of the customer journey

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#18 Deliver value throughout the 5 stages of the customer journey

In a fast-paced world, you need to build a relationship with your customer. To get started on getting leads and sales in the door, you need to understand your customers buying journey.

In this podcast episode, I will guide you through the 5 stages of the customer journey and how to create a customer journey map. 

Brands and entrepreneurs that succeed are building relationships with their customers in every stage of this journey. 



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Hi everyone, I’m Andrea Palten, your marketing guide and host of this podcast.


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Lets get ready for today’s podcast, I want to go over the customer journey with you and how to create a customer journey map for your business. As always, I’m going to give you quick marketing tips you can begin using immediately.


Once you know the journey of your customers, you’ll know how to get more people in your lead generating machine and how to turn them into customers. Knowing your customer journey will help you understand what your customers really want and how to have them buy from you and not your competition.


Think of the customer journey as a roadmap that shows exactly how a customer becomes aware of your brand, how they interact with you and your business and how they eventually buy from you. And then, what happens after they buy….


This is the legit definition. I’m gonna read it to you: “the customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company.”


What you’ll need to do it map out the way your customers come to you. Seeing this on paper and filling it all out will help you close any open ends you may have. Once you map it out, it’s called the customer journey map. There are 5 major actions that happen in the customer journey. The 5 stages are 1. Awareness, 2. Consideration, 3. Purchase, 4. Retention, 5 advocacy.



In the awareness stage, your potential customer discovers you.  In this stage you need to know what your ideal customer cares about. Where do they seek solutions like yours? Where do they hang out? What research are they doing? Are they in Facebook groups, if so, which ones? Do they do searches on Google or on YouTube (and yes, YouTube has turned into a search engine like google). Maybe they are using Alexa to do searches? Know how they find you.


The tactics you use in the awareness stage are advertising, word-of-mouth, search engine optimization.



In the consideration stage, customers are doing their research. Something you say or do or show them will encourage your customers to move to the next stage … or maybe it will discourage them and they go to a competitor instead.


In this stage, you need to know where customers might get hung up. Do you have the answers readily available to their questions? You need to know exactly what specific problems you can solve for them. By knowing their pain points, you can offer them your solution.


The tactics you can use in the consideration stage are having a great social media presence, a good blog, testimonials of your product or service, a killer website, and maybe special offers that you are promoting.




In the purchase stage you need to make it super easy for your customers to buy what you are selling. You need to show them that what you are selling is better than your competition. Show them value and how your brand is different.


The tactics you can use in the purchase stage are having a super easy check-out process, perhaps you offer multiple payment options here to make it easier for people to purchase from you. Often times client quotes are used in the check-out area to assure your buyer that this is a good service or product.




In the retention stage, you need to make sure you have happy customers. You want people to buy from you again. Or if you don’t have multiple services or products, then you want your customers to be super happy with what they got. This is where you need to think about return policies, customers service, maybe even give extra bonuses to surprise and delight your customers. You want to make sure your customer thinks your business is easy to work with and you provide them with a consistent value.


The tactics you can use in the retention stage are customer feedback surveys to see how they are doing, you can do community development if that is the kind of business you have like Facebook Groups or Kajabi community. You can also have loyalty programs and give them a discount of anything else they might purchase from you.



In the advocacy stage, you are continuing what you did in the retention stage and you want to make sure your customer is happy. In fact, you want them to be so stoked about your brand, that they become your brand loyalists and tell their friends and family about you.


In the advocacy stage, you ask your customers to endorse you. From leaving you awesome client testimonials to reviewing you on Google, Facebook, Yelp or wherever appropriate.


Let me give you a quick recap of the 5 stages and show you how I’m using them for one of my products. The example I will use is my course called Digital Marketing Fundamentals.


(go through the 5 stages above)


And that’s it for today. Remember, come on over to my free marketing webinar this week where I go over the building blocks of digital marketing and dive in deeper into lead generation and Facebook ads. You can reserve your seat at


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