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#20. Grow your business with content marketing

Content Marketing is the creation of content, the publication of that content and the distribution of that content to your ideal customers so that you can bring in new traffic and new customers. It also builds trust and thought leadership with your leads.

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Hi, this is Andrea Palten, your marketing guide. Today we're talking about content marketing.

Content marketing is one of my favorite marketing strategies because you own it, you can control it and it builds trust with your audience. Plus, often times you can do it for free or at the very least on the cheap. So what exactly is it? Content marketing is the creation of content, the publication of that content and the distribution of that content to your ideal customers so that you can bring in new traffic and new customers. It also builds trust and thought leadership with your leads. You can do content marketing through social media, podcasts like this one, blogs, videos, eBooks, and other downloadable PDFs.

So here's an example. Let's pretend you are a Pilates instructor and you own your own Pilates studio. So it's your business, but your business has plateaued over the past year or so. You can start a blog and write three keyword optimized posts each week that explain how to change your body through Pilates to get long and lean looking muscles, how it supports a beautiful posture and how Pilates teaches you to move with ease and grace. So because you put in the right keywords in your blog posts, you start ranking higher on Google searches. People start reading your stuff, they learn from it, and then they establish trust with you and they keep coming back for more. Some of those readers even start taking classes with you because they now know you know your stuff and you are to be trusted.

Content marketing also helps with building brand awareness. Some of us small business owners are solopreneurs. The vast majority of people do not know who we are. If you do content marketing correctly and consistently, you will increase traffic to your website and expose new people to your wonderful brand.

So for example, let's pretend you are a life coach. You can create weekly videos on how to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and how people can make big changes in their lives. Your target audience gets to see your skills and they get to see your work in action and they soon become hooked on your free content videos each week. The more they know about you and the more they like your tips, the more likely they're going to hire you for future life coaching. So you give away stuff for free and then hopefully people will purchase or will hire you.

You heard me say earlier when writing blogs, you need to create keyword friendly blog posts. Content is huge for search engine optimization. That is how high you rank on Google and how easily your customers will find you when they do searches. Search engine algorithms are always changing, but as long as you consistently create new content that is informative and relevant, your brand will rank higher and longer in search engines.

 And of course, content marketing is a cheaper way to generate leads for your business. Sure, Facebook ads and Google ads are a faster way to get leads in the door, but it's also much more expensive. Content marketing is the free way to get strangers to find your useful, informative content. When you create awesome eBooks or awesome downloadable PDFs with tons of helpful information, people will be drawn to you and we'll give you their email addresses in order to download the tips and tricks you have created for them.

For example, if you teach aestheticians how to attach eyelash extensions to their clients, you could create a quick video tutorial that they can download for free, but only after they give you their email address. Now you have them on your email list. You can now upsell them to more in depth tutorials.

Another reason why content marketing needs to be vital to your business is that you'll be distributing proof of your knowledge to your ideal customers. Only people who are really interested in what you have to say are the ones viewing your content. Think about it. Someone has to search for what you have. Then they have to find you. Then they have to go out of their way to go to your landing page and then they have to go out of their way to give you the email address to get your content. They've done a lot of work to get your stuff. So if you provide them with awesome content, they will want to see more.

Remember a lot more goes into content marketing than just tossing new content out there. I already told you about the keywords to help you get ranked higher on search engines and we talked about targeting your ideal customer so that you talk to the right people that will buy from you. But also you need to think about what stage in the buying cycle your customers are in. Different content should go in different stages of that buying cycle.

Let's break up the buying cycle into three stages. The awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. In the awareness stage, your potential customer is just searching for solutions. So for example, let's pretend you're a business owner and you own a boutique hotel in Orlando, Florida. A potential customer named Kate is looking to schedule a trip for our family. She might go to Google and search themed hotels in Orlando or she searches for fun small hotels for children in Florida or something like that. While she reads about your unique hotel, she begins trusting your brand. She goes over to the gallery page on your website to look at photos. Then she sees your content piece. It's titled “fun things to do and Orlando” and she downloads that. You now have her email address and you've demonstrated your trust since she saw real life photos and she got value from you about other things she can do with her family while in Florida. You've now sparked her interest in your boutique hotel. Okay. That was an example of the awareness stage.

Next is the consideration stage. Your potential customer is evaluating the solution. This is often times when your customer is comparison shopping, so let's go back to the boutique hotel example. Kate now is looking at other boutique hotels in Orlando to comparison shop. She gets an email from you with a video about your boutique hotel and a tip on the best way to get transportation between your hotel and all the theme parks. None of your competitors are doing this. They are all just trying to sell, sell, sell. You've just gone the extra mile and are basically making her vacation planning easier for her.

Now let's look at the decision stage. Your potential customer is ready to choose if they will buy from you or if they will buy from your competitor.  Again, we're going back to the Orlando hotel example. Kate now got value from your content marketing work twice. First she got the downloadable PDF that shows all the things she can do in Orlando. And second she got a video from you that explains the best way to seek transportation in between the theme parks. All this made her like you. So she starts reading your boutique hotel reviews. She likes what she sees and books her stay with you. Congratulations on your new customer!

So do you see how in this example that no matter what industry you're in, content and marketing can always help get more leads and convert them into sales? How many times do you get like hotels giving you this extra stuff like PDFs on local stuff or videos on transportation? Not very often, but the ones that do, those are the ones that nail it with the customer.

That's the type of stuff you want to think about when it comes to content marketing and content marketing isn't always paper. It's not always a PDF or it's not always a blog post. We had videos for example. Start putting together your content marketing strategy plan, and if you need more ideas on some killer content marketing ideas, be sure to download my freebie that I have for you. It's called “40 killer content marketing ideas”, and you can get it at Okay guys, that is it for me for now. Talk to you next week.



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