How to improve your email marketing performance

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#22. How to improve your email marketing performance

Email marketing has remained one of the most effective ways to convert prospects into sales and revenue. 

Email is still one of the top tools used for content marketing and converting your audience. But stats have shown that open rates and click-through-rates are decreasing.

As business owners and marketers, we need to get better at the email game.

Listen to this episode to learn how to improve your email marketing performance. Press play on the player below:


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How to improve your email marketing performance

Hey all,

Thank you for joining me on the Marketing Guide To Grow Your Business podcast. If this is your first time listening, welcome. If you are a repeat visitor, thank you so much. And if you like what you hear, please hit subscribe and leave me a review. The more reviews this podcast has, the easier it will be for new folks to find it.


Ok, lets get started with today’s topic. Email Marketing!


So, it’s funny, I’ve been in marketing for 20 years and for the last 10 years, I’ve heard the same thing at every conference. And that is: Email is dead. But then email doesn’t die. Then next years conference some other expert says Email is dead. And once again, the following year, it’s still alive. And today in 2019 email is very much still alive and kicking!!!


Just listen to some of these stats. 93% of business owners and marketers use email to distribute content. 40% of marketers say email newsletters are the most critical part of their content marketing strategy. Even millennials are in this game. Some experts have said that millennials are not into email but stats say something different. Research has shown that 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.


One bad stat that we are seeing more and more though is that open rates are dropping and so are click through rates. So quickly for those of you new to email, open rates are just the percentage of people that are opening your emails. And click through rate is the percentage of people that are clicking in your email to go to your webpage.


This bad stat that shows that open and click through rates are getting lower and lower is something we as business owners and marketers need to pay attention to. And we need to get better at email marketing.


One of the ways to do this is to build trust with your audience and build real, genuine relationships with your people.


When you start emailing your audience, one key thing you will need to do is to be consisten. You can’t just email your people once a week, then skip for a few months, then do monthly emails and then later go back to weekly. You are confusing your reader. Keep your email marketing consistent. If you tell your audience they will get weekly emails, then send them weekly emails.


Once you get rolling with your email marketing, you need to really understand your audience so you can segment them. When you segment your emails, you can have super relevant messages go to the right people. So for example, if you have brand new people, you don’t want to sell them something in your very first email to them, you want to wait a bit.


You can segment by the stage they are in in your customer journey. You can segment by interests. You can even segment by gender. When I did marketing for the American Humane Association, we segmented by people that liked dogs, people that liked cats, and the third segment of other so all the other animals. Right now, in my marketing coaching business, I segment out customers vs. non-customers. I segment by new people vs. people that have been on my email list longer. And I segment by their interests.


A smart thing to do in your segmentation is first segment by subscribers vs leads and vs customers. This type of segmentation is called lifecycle segments.


The two metrics you want to concentrate on are open rates and click-through-rates.


So again, The open rates are how many people will open your email. Two things that are important here, the from line and the subject line. The from line works better when you personalize it so instead of saying [email protected], use your name [email protected].


And then of course you have the subject line. You need to nail this! If you haven’t downloaded my cheatsheet on this, do so. It’s at In this cheatsheet I talk about the different types of email subject lines that are guaranteed to increase your open rates. Then I give you 50 awesome examples of subject lines that you can totally swipe and use in your own email work. Grab it at


The second metric is all about clicks. When your reader opens your email, you want to give them awesome value. Create one call-to-action in your email. So create one thing that they want to click on. You can do the call-to-action with a link that stands out or with a button that is designed.


A lot of my students ask me how much design an email needs. And this will totally depend on your audience and what they like. The best thing to do is test these. Send out plainly written emails, send out super designed emails and then see which emails more people click on. Then take the winner and do another test with a medium designed email. Then see which email gets more clicks and that’s your final winner.


When you first start out, you want to have a welcome email series. This is a set of emails that every new subscriber gets. The welcome email series is comprised of anywhere between 2-5 emails. You get to decide. You know your business, your know your audience.


Let’s pretend you are sending 4 emails.


Email # 1  welcomes your audience to your business and thanks them for signing up.


Email # 2 goes into details of what people can expect in these emails going forward


Email # 3 goes more into your brand, what you do and how you work.


Email # 4 is a good way to start a conversation with your audience. You can ask them how you can help them and ask them to reply to your email.


Of course you can do whatever you want but play around with this. See what types of emails will get you the most click throughs.


A welcome email is your opportunity to say hello and get your people to fall in love with your brand.


If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, then you segment some more depending on what they click on and what webpages they look at. If you do segmentation right and your people read about exactly what they are into, they are more likely to stay and eventually buy from you.


Earlier I mentioned that two important metrics to look at are open rates and click-through rates. Another thing I want you to pay attention to is your unsubscribe rate. Generally, you want to be sure to have less than 2% unsubscribe rate. If it’s much higher, you’ll need to figure out what is going on and why people are leaving your email list.


Finally, you want to look at conversions. Afterall, you are probably not just sending emails for the heck of it, right? You are sending emails to your audience to eventually purchase from you. Your conversion metric helps you see who made it all the way to your goal and engaged at the level you wanted them to.


As your business grows and as you get more and more people on your email list, you will keep getting to know your prospects and customers. Talk to them on a regular basis and test new ideas to see what works for your audience.


Ok,guys, that is it for me today, talk to you next week.






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