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#31. Learnings from 2 Entrepreneur Conferences

I was recently at two different entrepreneur conferences:

  • The Entrepreneur Experience by Amy Porterfield
  • BBD Live by James Wedmore

Here are some of the learnings I wanted to share with you from various industry leaders. From quizzes, to Facebook ads, to 1-1 coaching.

Have fun!



  • I learned tons and tons of mindset things but this podcast, I’m going to stick with the practical pieces that you can start doing in your marketing
  • Using quizzes for lead generation is the bomb right now, really think about this for your marketing efforts
    • An average quick gets shared an average of 1,900 times
    • Tarzan, a copywriter at the event, said she could get leads for 35 cents per lead on facebook ads
    • Make it funny
  • If you are a course creator try testing out mini courses to see if they work for you. You could do free ones even for lead generation or do really affordable ones for $45 a course. That builds trust and warms up leads.
  • For all my fellow podcasters, Apple Podcast gives you props if you post regularly, and we’ve seen an uptick for podcasts that post twice a week. Damn!
  • Then we had Jasmine Star come on and she dropped some mad knowledge. She wants to make sure that all of us who play on Instagram that the first sentence is amazing. So it should have some kind of hook. An example she gave was “Can I share a secret?” or “I’m embarrassed to admit this”
  • Jasmine Star also did some advertising testing and noticed that a lot of times her quick and fun ads work better than her more produced ones. She did one with a funny Instagram filter, you know, the big mouth one.
  • We had many other people come up and talk so I’m not going into all the details but one that came up with everyone of course is the same thing I’ve told you. Start doing videos. Do videos on your homepage. Do videos on your about us page. Do videos on your lead generation pages. Do videos on your thank you pages.
    • Videos create trust with your audience, so seriously start using them
  • If you serve clients, especially in 1-1 capacity, here are some tactics to revive your old clients
    • Send them an email and ask them “you have been quite lately. How’s it going?” and if they write back, strike up a conversation, see what they are up to, invite them back to you



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