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#35. Are you ready for 2020??? Here are your marketing tips!

2020 is right around the corner. What are you doing to market your business?

Here are some marketing trends you want to watch out for in 2020. From voice search to messenger bots to Google Snippets. 

Check out this podcast episode to help you plan your marketing for 2020!

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You ready for 2020????


Yep, yep, am excited! This is going to by biggest year ever in business so I’m beyond ready.


I am teaching one of my classes tonight on 2020 trends and I wanted to share some of those with you today.


Let’s start with Storytelling!


In 2020 we’ll take content marketing to a whole new level. You’ve seen tv commercials were instead of selling the product, they are shooting short films with lovable characters and a mini movie story line.


Customers love entertaining content that makes a memorable impact.


One thing you’ll see is that more companies will be doing videos that highlight the stories of their founders and employees. You need to that too. Shoot behind-the-scenes videos to show your audience you really are.


And storytelling really works well with those under 30 years old. Younger people want authenticity and personal content that they can relate to.


Next up is Google Snippets.


Google Snippets are these random text pieces that Google will take from certain webpages. This means that if you play this right, you can get your website appear BEFORE big companies websites.


Now this can get a bit complicated because all of us marketers are working hard to optimize our content to make it land in one of these coveted snippets.


I go in deeper with search engine optimization in my Website Academy. If you are interested, you can check it out on my website at


Alright, next, going live. You already have heard me talk about Facebook Lives or YouTube or Instagram or LinkedIn. Lives is where it’s at my friends.


The best live content focuses on telling your story, your companies story, or providing educational or entertaining content. Think lipstick tutorials, software walk-throughs (I did one for Canva the other day that people liked), or smoothie making how-tos. The content should always be around your services. This all will help people to get motivated to check out your website and learn more.

Next up is Messenger bots. You’ve probably already seen these, they’ve been around since 2017. I’ve been playing with ManyChat, it’s a software that you do have to pay for. Try it out. Lots of companies will be using these messenger robots more and more.


Then one of the things that is exploding and will explode is having content sites like Quora, Reddit or Medium. Already now when you do searches on Google, a lot of the results will be on one of these social sites.


In 2020, you should check out these sites like Quora, Reddit or Medium and choose the one where your audience is on and start posting on these sites.


My last marketing tactic I want you to think about for 2020 is voice. I’m talking Alexa, Google Home, Echo, Amazon Fire TV and more.


If you are interested in this, you’ll have to learn voice based searches and how to optimize your site for this. Much like building an app, in voice marketing there are rules to follow and guidelines to consider. Amazon has a voice design guide you can check out. It leads you to all the stages of the design process.




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