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#5 Resources for killer content marketing

Creating valuable content for your audience is an awesome way to get quality organic traffic at higher volumes. Listen to this episode and download my latest freebie to get content marketing ideas that work.

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5. Resources for killer content marketing

Hello, I’m your marketing guide Andrea Palten. Welcome to episode 5!


You’ve heard me say that content is king. A lot of marketers have become content machines with blogs, podcasts, downloadable give-aways, webinars and so much more.


Creating valuable content for your audience is an awesome way to get quality organic traffic at higher volumes. Content can be anything we read, watch, see or hear.


Small business owners that first start out or haven’t done content marketing for 17 years like I have, get stuck right at the start. I hear this a lot “Andrea, how do I come up with all this content?”


This podcast episode is to help you out with ideas on where the content can come from and I have a great freebie that I will tell you about at the end that goes over the different formats you can use for your content.


As you know, I’m doing 10 episodes in 10 days so for the content ideas for this podcast I just looked at my life. I asked myself “What was the hardest thing for me when I first started?” I brainstormed and put all my memories down on paper. The list was a lot longer than 10 episodes because there was so much I needed to learn when I started out in this business.


So look within yourself, what are the content ideas that you already have ruminating in your brain?


Once you’ve exhausted these, start looking around.


I love Podcasts. I listen to 1-2 episodes every single day. I don’t just stick with one podcast, but I listen to very many.


Find the podcasts that are in your industry. You will get tons and tons of ideas listening to them. I usually listen to these podcasts when I’m driving or I’m walking the dogs. By the time I get back to my office, I usually have 2-5 ideas in my head of new content I can write about. It’s a quick way to get new ideas.


Books are also awesome, but they do take a little longer than podcasts since in many industry books there are just a few ideas that really go into detail. But that’s ok, you can split up the ideas from a book into multiple content pieces.


Did you read the book the Miracle Morning? I read that and had a few content pieces from that. The first one was a book review. The second one was me discovering my own perfect morning, and the third one was about why it’s so important to stick to a predictable schedule. Books are great for content ideas, so start reading.


I also sign up for newsletters from the industry giants. For my line of business, it’s all the different marketing companies that are doing great things like SEOMoz, Digital Marketer and a few other companies like that. They often times send me great nuggets that I can research more in detail and then come up with my own content from that.


Another great idea is look at what your customers are interested in. Are there any questions they’ve asked you? Do they often times give you a good review with their favorite topic they learned from you? Look at your metrics, which blog posts are they reading the most. Just because you wrote about a topic once, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cover that topic again. Just find a different spin on it so you can talk about that same topic over and over again.


For this podcast that you are listening to right now, I’m thinking about inviting guest speakers to it to cover topics that will be helpful for my listeners. The content doesn’t always have to come from you. You can also have guest speakers or guest bloggers.


For more content ideas, check out Google Trends, it’s an awesome free tool from Google. If you haven’t used it, you need to check it out. Go online and type in You can see what searches are trending right now. That way you can write or speak about the latest and greatest newsworthy material.


You can also do a search on your industry to see what people are currently discussing.


Today is May 11th, and I just did a search on Google Trends and it showed me that people are talking about Mother’s Day (which is tomorrow) and Game of Thrones, Season 8. Neither one of these topics has anything to do with marketing, but if I think about it a bit harder, I can come up with something. My first thought was, I could do a podcast on how to market for holidays like Mother’s Day.


Now that you know where to go for your content marketing ideas, you’ll need to figure out how to present it. So the format.


One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of small businesses have one separate content idea for a blog post, one for a video, one for a podcast episode. That is three different content ideas. Man, that’s way too much.


You can just use the same content for all three channels. A lot of times I have one idea per week. I write about it on my blog, I do a podcast on it, then I do Facebook and Instagram lives on it. And sometimes even a YouTube video. It’s one content idea that I talk about in different ways on different formats. Don’t make yourself more work. Re-package your one great content idea.


There are many ways you can slice and dice the content ideas so you can re-use one content subject. You can create to-do lists, checklists, ebooks, quizzes and much more.


I have this wonderful free resource for you with 40 different ways to present your content. Just go to my website for this podcast and grab your free PDF. Since this is podcast episode number 5, the website address is


Get your free download, it’s stocked full of valuable ideas for you. Again,


Have fun with it!


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Thank you so much! Talk to you soon.


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