How to balance working from home with your partner

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#52. Health interview series # 1: how to balance working from home with your partner

I talk with Dr. Chelsea Page, Sex & Relationship Expert, about how couples can stay "sane" during this lock down due to COVID-19.
We chatted about:
  • how everyone can stay on the same page
  • how to handle the “too much closeness” during social isolation
  • how to manage your own internal freak out so you don’t impact the relationship (and kids and business)
  • how to deal with anxiety
  • how to keep the business going
  • how to balance working from home with partners AND kids at home
To get in contact with Dr. Chelsea Page, you can check our her Facebook page at:
If you are in need of private coaching with Chelsea:
She's also offering a wonderful course right now called "The Women's Guide to Intentional Intimacy":
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