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#55. Health interview series # 4: how to strengthen your immune system, emotional eating, movement, and much more

During the time of social distancing with COVID-19, we need to take extra special care of our bodies, our health, and our nutrition.

I interview Dr. Brittny Williams Howell, MD to give you tips on how to strengthen your immune system with nutrition and supplements.

We talk about movement (with and without children), healthy grocery shopping, nutrition, sleep, and overall health.

Dr. Brittny Williams Howell, MD, is a wife and a mom of three who lives in Ridgefield, CT. She is also a board-certified vascular surgeon and a coach who helps women transform their bodies and their world with lifestyle modifications.

She was an undergraduate at Duke University. She then attended NYU for medical school and remained there to train in general surgery. She completed her training in vascular surgery at Georgetown. By now, she’s taken care of and operated upon thousands of patients.

But her deeper purpose is supporting women on their journey to deep health. She doesn't prescribe pills, quick fixes, or hacks. Instead, she connects, educates and guides her clients to a new understanding and appreciation of their bodies and how to care for them.

You can learn more about here on her website at


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