Consistency is key to the success of your business

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#68 Consistency is key to grow a successful business

Consistency is the number 1 ingredient you need to grow a successful business.

In this episode I will go over why you need to be consistent, ways to be consistent, and how to get yourself motivated to show up regularly and often for your clients and customers.

TRANSCRIPT (it's raw, so there are mistakes - in the interest of time, I posted it without fixing it. Why? For search engine optimization):

Hey, hey,

I'm Andrea Palten, your host and marketing guide. I'm also the founder of the one and only impact membership where you get marketing training, business coaching, consulting, and an awesome community of like minded people every single month. Come and join us at Andrea Buckle up, get ready and enjoy the show. Thanks for being here.

What is up my friends? We are talking about consistency today. This is the funniest topic right now for me, because I'm going to be super honest with you always. I'm having such a hard time this week to be consistent. I am struggling to be consistent. I am making myself show up and forcing myself to show up. that I chose this topic is actually a little bit hilarious.

So, consistency is really your friend in entrepreneurship.

If you are new to marketing or you are new to having a business, and you don't really know what to do to get started, that's the word you need to seriously tattoo on your forehead, consistency.

You must, you must push out content consistently to be successful. You must show up consistently to be successful, you must be consistent.

So as I told you this week, I'm struggling and you know what, I don't even actually know why I'm just having a little bit of an off week this week. I'm having some allergic reactions to cottonwood. My eyes are like swelling up. So it's hard for me to go to lives because I don't like my eyes be all puffy and go live.

And I'm also currently with a coach working on losing some weight and getting in shape. And so there's some energy things going on.

So what do I do? How do I get myself consistent? I kind of make myself so this morning, I woke up and I was like, I need to do my podcast. Usually I like to batch these, which means I do a bunch of them and I pre record them. And then sometimes I just fall behind, which is fine. I don't mind doing it. And then I just do these weekly. I just woke up and I said, "Okay, well, how am I going to get the energy to do this?"

So I decided to do a slow morning I took a drive with my doggies. And what I did is I listened to other people's podcasts because when I listen to other people's podcasts, I get inspired.

So this is what you need to do my friend, on your off days, you need to find ways to get inspired. What inspires you? Does it inspire you when you read other people's stuff, does it? Do you get inspired by working out? Do you get inspired by looking at your bank account, whether that's you don't have enough money or you have a lot of money? What inspires you and that's what you use?

And so for me, it's either listening to audible books on marketing, or it's listening to podcasts from other marketers or life coaches. I love listening to the life coaching school by Brooke Castillo. That's my mindset. That the podcast which are listened to this morning. So that's one thing.

And this is gonna going to be this episodes more about consistency and why and how.

But I just want you to know that this mindset and this discipline that you have to establish as an entrepreneur is a must.

You do not really get a break from that. If you're not showing up consistently, specially when you're first starting out, people will forget about you, people won't know what to expect from you. People might start trusting you, because every week maybe you email them for a couple months and then all of a sudden, you stopped and you only email them once a month. Or maybe you podcast, like mine comes out weekly and then all of a sudden you skip two or three weeks. People appreciate consistency, and people trust consistency.

What else happens when you show up consistently. You establish authority and credibility. So you have heard me say this, I'm gonna say this forever and it's the "know, like and trust" factor.

For entrepreneurs and brands, people need to know you. Well, how do they get to know you? Well, it's because you showing up consistently, they need to like you, right? What is that all about liking as they like your content? And guys, not everyone's gonna like your stuff. I have people that don't like me, that's cool. They're not my people. And if somebody doesn't like your stuff, cool, that's not your people. You do not have to worry about stuff like that. But the people that do that are your people. They need to like you right, and the only way they get to Like you is by you showing up and having this this new content. And then the last thing is the need to trust you. That's that credibility piece that we see. And that is by showing up consistently, they will trust you if you show up for them every day or every week or whatever you decide. There's somebody that is doing a fantastic job online. She was she was a student of mine, and she decided to do daily lives and she's showing up consistently, her readership or her listenership is growing and she's doing an awesome job. And I think she's about maybe a quarter through to show up every single day and, and she's still doing it. And so what's gonna happen is if she does this all year long, right, her people are gonna love her no one like and trust her. She's amazing. But if she stops, which I have all the faith Her and if you're listening, Chelsea keep kicking. But if she does stop, this is going to be a little break in that trust and that credibility. So that's why this consistency is key. I learned, or I'm learning right now, how to show up more on YouTube. That's something that I have planned for later this year is really grow my YouTube channel. And one of the things that might teacher my mentor teachers there is, um, that you actually write in your YouTube header that you know, that banner that you see on top that you write on there, hey, I'm going to have a new video for you every Monday and specifically calling out which day that you doing this. And that's going to be that credibility. And that thought leadership and that trustworthiness where they don't they they're like, oh, cool on Trask gonna do this on this day of the week, every week. So that's very important guys. So you need to have that discipline and stick with it. I think as an entrepreneur, that's one of the hardest things you do. Because you don't have a boss, right? You don't have a supervisor telling you what to do. You don't get in trouble. If you don't show up on the days that you said you were going to show up. So I want you to think a little bit differently about this. I want you to think about your clients, your customers, your students, your members, I want you to think of them as your supervisor as your boss. After all, they are paying your paycheck, right? So if you don't have anybody paying your paycheck, you don't have a business. So that's the way that I look at it. I am serving my members, I'm serving my students, it's my duty

to show up for them.

And that makes it a lot easier for me

to show up

and I usually don't have any problems I love serving and I love teaching. Not it's like and so for me, it's usually really easy this week was just some off week. For me, so I had to figure out extra things to do, which was, in my case, it's driving around with with my little lovely doggies, and listening to podcasts. So what else happens when you show up consistently?

Well, it builds brand awareness,

right? Because if you if let's say you, you have 10 different blog posts that you have, every week, you have a new blog post, there's 10 weeks 10 blog posts, not everyone's gonna read all 10. So they're not going to know about you, then what you do and what you stand for, and how you can help them. They might

check out one or two, right? I have.

I'm in my 60s in my podcasts or 70s now, and not every single person has listened to all the episodes, right? I mean, there's like a handful of people that religiously Listen, every week tune in every week, but not everybody does that. They will pick and choose by title or maybe if they have

time they'll they'll show up

So they're not going to read and see every single thing that you do. So that's why you have to show up consistently and often for them to understand what your brand new band is all about. And you really getting some in Britain band awareness in there. The next thing that happens when you show up consistently and often is that people start engaging with you. So the first couple of times when you're showing up your people did it people will watch you and they'll watch you from the sidelines and they're not ready to engage with you. But if you're showing up consistently every single week you do a facebook live every single week you do a podcast every single week you write a blog post after a while those people that are starting to get used to you, they they feel like they get to know you and then they feel more comfortable in engaging with you and leaving a post leaving a comment leaving a review or talking to you. So this engages the audience because they like now remember know like and trust right now they know you Because they have seen that brand awareness, they like you, because they like the stuff and the content you bring to them. And now they're starting to trust you because you're showing up on a regular basis for them all the time. And then of course, as most of you guys know, I am. I'm the queen of lead generation. Yes, I'm calling myself a queen.

I really, really, really, really good at getting leads my 20 years of being a marketer. That was always the big thing why

I got promoted. Why I got raises is because my lead generation game was like on point. And in my own business, I'm doing the same thing. I'm showing up consistently. I'm getting leads, I have lead magnets. I am getting people on my email list. And it's something that I'm very proud of, and I love to do, and it's part of it is because I'm showing up consistently, right I've done this podcast, every weeks since I started last year in May, I am going to with my youtube channel once I have my schedule clear to do that every week, and I show up regularly on my Instagram and on my Facebook. And because of that people, right they know like and trust me, and then they become my leads. So they, they sign up for stuff because they're like, oh, okay, she gives me really cool advice, or really good marketing tips that I can use to grow my business. So I'm gonna go get on our email list to get even more stuff. And yes, if you're on my email list for those of you that are listening that are on the list, I will sell to you, but I'll also give you lots of free advice. So people get on the list for that free advice and then some of them will only stay on the list for the free advice was totally cool, because I want to help people and some of them will turn into my customers, my students, my clients. I just got two students today, just just today by showing up consistently. One of them was because I was showing up in a Facebook group that I'm in, I don't even own this group. Somebody else was group, I'm showing up consistently. And so she wants to hire me. We're getting on a call today. This other woman did hire me, and she listens to this podcast. So if you're listening Hi, Kathy. Thank you, thank you. She hired me because she needed some help with her LinkedIn. And so there's all these things that happen. And the reason that I'm growing my business and I'm getting the success that I'm getting is because of the consistent nature of me showing up. And I know a lot of you guys are solopreneurs meaning that you work on your own and you're like, Damn, that's a lot of time to be putting in. Remember, you do not need to show up on all these different places. You need to pick out at least one platform of choice. That your target audience is on and that you like to do. That could be

a podcast. That could be Instagram, that could be Facebook, that could be blogging,

you do not need to do everything that I'm doing. I you know, I like to do this I have. This is my hobby and my career. So for me, it's really easy to show up on podcasts on my blog, and then my future YouTube

channel, on

on Instagram and on Facebook, and I'm also playing a little bit on LinkedIn. That's okay that I'm doing that much because I have the time and I have the love and the passion for it. If you do not have that, or if this is your side hustle, just pick one. You do not need to show up everywhere. Especially if this is your side hustle. I couldn't imagine having a nine to five job and showing up in all the places that I'm showing up at. I mean, this is like a full time thing that I'm doing. So pick one

show up consistently.

And then the last thing is if you do show up consistently like this, if it's a podcast or if it's a Facebook Live, I want you to start thinking about transcriptions. When you're transcribing the text, you can easily copy and paste the transcription and put it on your blog on your website. This is so important for search engine optimization. And I'm going to be honest with you, I mess up on this one. Sometimes I just run at a time I forget about it, I don't think about it, and I don't put that extra effort in. So learn from what I'm saying not from what my example with this particular piece. I'm pretty good. Everything else. This is the one that I'm not that consistent at and I'm gonna get more consistent at it because I know it's so important.

So for example, when I'm done with this transcription, I can pay I mean, with this podcast episode, I can pay a tool like are easy dot com, I can transcribe it myself for free. There's another tool called

that I just started using, and it's free. I've only used it twice so far, and it's working really good. So I'm gonna continue to use that. I do think that after a while, they're going to charge me. So I don't know exactly how the pricing works. But when you start out, it's for free. So you could check that out. And that helps with search engine optimization, because you're putting in new keywords on your page. So if you do a Facebook Live, you can run it through one of these transcription tools, or you can transcribe it yourself. And then you take that copy, and you can put it on your blog and be like, Hey, here's my Facebook Live and then you have the video. And then underneath, you could write summary, a transcription and then just copy and paste the words and because those words are going to be important for your search engine optimization, and that's it. Be consistent. Even if you're tired like I am this week, guys, I'm showing up for you. Remember you You're my boss, you're my supervisor. So I want to make sure you're happy with me. And I don't want you guys to, to not get a podcast episode this week, just because I was a little bit tired. You know what I got to put on my big girl pants and just make it happen like I'm doing right now. So you need to do the same thing. You have to show up consistent. This is really the number one thing that I'm seeing from all of my new entrepreneur students where they're not. They're not growing their business fast enough because they're not showing up consistently. This is so important. There's really nothing more important than that. The only way people will find you is by you showing up consistently. The only way people will like you and follow your Facebook or Instagram or follow you somewhere or subscribe to your podcast or whatever you're doing is after they like you, and the only way they're gonna buy from you is if they trust you that know like and trust happens with you showing up consistently and often. So pick your poison, meaning pick your platform

and pick off you want to show up and do not pick once a month.

If you have a bunch of stuff, sure, then you can do monthly. But if you have one or two platforms, please show up weekly. Like I told you, Chelsea's showing up daily in her Facebook Lives. That's amazing. I have multiple platforms. And I show up on my podcast weekly on my Facebook group, at least weekly, on my Facebook page and my Instagram page almost daily. And then I have a email newsletter that I show up weekly. So I'm showing up in a lot of different places. Often on my LinkedIn, I show up probably like once or twice a week, so not that often. But I'm also getting a lot of clients from there. So I'm putting my work and my time and my efforts behind what I'm getting along. of my clients, which my clients, most of them are coming from Facebook. So I'm showing up there

a lot.

That's it. I'm going to wrap it up by giving you a summary, why you must push out content consistently to be successful. Alright, number one consistent content establishes your thought leadership, right? Number two people will know who you are and that you even exist and you build brand awareness. Number three, you engage the audience. So at this point, when people are seeing you over and over again, they might follow you, they might like your stuff, they might comment on things. And most importantly, number four, it generates leads This is the way that you grow your email list. And number five, if you transcribe the stuff that you do, or if your regular stuff as a blog already, you need to start having those keywords on your website. So your website gets ranked higher on Google and people will find you In searches, and this is called search engine optimization,

guys, I have a few things I'm going to talk about. I have

a self study course, that is called the content marketing machine, where you create one month worth of content in just one day. So I want you guys to check that out, because it's the way that you can start really figuring out what content you can show up with regularly. And that URL is just Andrea Palten comm forward slash machine, Andrea forward slash machine. It's the content marketing machine course. It's self study. It's super quick. It's super cheap. I just want you guys to check that out if you're still struggling with what kind of content you should show up with. So I'll put that together for you. For those of you that are struggling with that, and then otherwise, um, for those of you guys that have been doing content consistently and regularly already. Thanks for listening to this whole thing obviously, I am opening my Facebook ads mastery course on July 1 so if you're interested in joining that, check it out I have a free intro course for you and Andrea Palten comm forward slash intro and that's just I empty row. So Andrea Palten comm forward slash intro, it's a free mini course that you can see on what my Facebook ads course is all about. It gives you like the first two modules on how to set up your pixel, how to set up your ads manager, your business manager and how to structure your pricing and it's totally for free. So this is something I'm giving away just because that's what's the most important thing for you to do Facebook and Instagram ads is that set up and a lot of people get stuck at the setup and then they never actually do it. So I decided to give that to you guys for free. All right, that is it. Show up consistently put Your big girl pants or your big boy pants. And even if you're tired like I was this morning, it doesn't matter. Your boss is your client, your bosses, your customer, you need to show up for them. So thanks boss, man, Boss Lady for listening.

I will see you next week.

Thank you so much for listening. If you have not yet, please subscribe to this podcast. And leave me a review that way more people can see this podcast and listen and learn marketing tactics that work and I will see you on the flip side, my friend

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