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#7 What are pillar pages and why are they so important?

Did you know that a good website is comprised of different types of content pages? The homepage has a different function than the landing page and then there are pillar pages. When done correctly, you can totally make your business stand out with content with these pillar pages.



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What are pillar pages and why are they so important?


Hello, hello, hello. You are listening to the Marketing Guide to Grow Your Business podcast. I’m Andrea Palten.


For those of you that aren’t that familiar with me, I teach and guide entrepreneurs and small businesses how to set up their marketing correctly and I help them create profitable marketing strategies through online courses. In the future I will also have a membership site, you can get on the waitlist now.


Todays topic in episode 7 is Pillar Pages:

Did you know that a good website is comprised of different types of content pages? The homepage has a different function than the landing page and then there are pillar pages. When done correctly, you can totally make your business stand out with content with these pillar pages.


While pillar pages aren’t new, I’ve found that most new marketers and small business owners don’t know much about them.


A “Pillar Page” is also sometimes called the “Content Pillar Page” and also you’ll hear it referred to as “Cornerstone Content”.


This pillar page covers a broad topic in depth and then links to different pages that have related content.


Pillar Pages are perfect for website visitors that are interested in a certain topic and they can choose to drill down deeper and deeper.


Your website visitors that like to read only a summary or the ones that like to only scan a webpage, they will just read the main pillar page. The people that want more and more details will click on the pillar page links and go to the related content pages to learn more.


The goal of the pillar page is to have it be extremely useful and relevant for the reader. The key is to make the content so compelling and thorough that the reader wants to click through to even more content pages. Keeping the reader engaged is vital here.


Essentially, a pillar page is a long web page focused on one specific topic that you can go in depth on and that can easily be turned into smaller pieces of content.


That single pillar page can be broken into blog posts, infographics, videos, emails, social media and so much more. And by the way, if you didn’t get a chance to listen to episode 5, do it after you are done listening here. In Episode 5 I go deeper into content marketing and there is a wonderful freebie for you that has 40 Killer Content Ideas. I’m also adding this free PDF to this episodes webpage at


One awesome thing about these pillar pages is that they will be filled with essential keywords from your industry so Google will love it. Good search engine optimization is critical for our websites. Google loves rich and meaningful content. Their algorithm has always favored websites with helpful content and Google loves websites that have great resources for their visitors.


One thing to keep in mind is that a pillar page can NOT be a blog post article, it has to be a stand-alone webpage on your site.


The website address, so the URL, of your pillar page should be short and high in your website architecture. You can add a navigation link in your main menu and you could also add a button with a link on your homepage.


Google also loves fresh content, so be sure you update this page regularly.


And of course, we all know the importance of search engine optimization and keywords, so be sure to have great keywords on your pillar page.


The way to use the pillar page correctly is to be sure to then link from that page to the individual content pages. You can do this with headers or subheaders on your pillar page.


And don’t forget, if you want to get leads from this page, be sure to have a lead magnet on there. Perhaps a quiz or a downloadable PDF.


Now that you know what a pillar page is and why it’s so important for our website, you’ll have to get started on creating the pillar page and the individual content pages.


But before writing your pillar page, go back to episode 1 where I discuss your ideal customer avatar. You’ll want to make sure you’ve created your idea customer avatar write-up. You can grab the free Ideal Customer Avatar example and template. I’ve linked to it on this shows webpage at


The more you understand your avatars pain points and how you can provide value, the more effective your pillar page will be.


Here’s an idea of how I would create a pillar page and content pages that link from that page. My pillar page would be about Content Marketing. Then I could link to a content page called Content Ideas where I list my 40 killer content marketing ideas. I could have another content page about podcasting. I could also have a content page about what we are talking about now, how to create pillar pages. You get the picture.


It would be cool if you could do one pillar page with at least 4 different content pages that link from there. Google would love that!


Here’s a quick checklist of 5 items you need to have on your pillar page:

  1. Include the pillar page topic in your page title and in your URL
  2. Unlike traditional landing pages, this page includes top navigation
  3. For SEO purposes you’ll need to include the topic keyword in the H1 tag which is the main heading tag on that page
  4. Include an easy navigation to the individual content pages
  5. Make sure the page is pretty and easy to read so use some bullets, put in some images and different size or colored titles


Ok my friends, that is it today for episode 7 on pillar pages. To get the freebies I mentioned in this episode go to


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Thank you so very much! Have a wonderful day.


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