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#9 Create high converting landing pages

Landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Learn what landing pages are, what should be on them, and how to make sure they convert.


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Create high converting landing pages


Hi, I’m Andrea Palten and you are listening to the Marketing Guide to Grow Your Business podcast. Today we are talking about landing pages.


I’ve been teaching digital marketing for three years now and this is one of the most important things I teach!


Let’s start at the beginning.


What is a landing page anyways? A landing page is a standalone web page on your website. This landing page is to get new leads. These pages are specifically designed with one single focus. This single focus is a call-to-action, you’ll hear me refer to this as a CTA.


Marketers use landing pages mostly as the pages that we sent advertising leads to. We create an ad on Facebook or Google AdWords or wherever your ad is and this ad when clicked on leads you to a landing page. But landing pages can also be used for podcast episodes, email marketing and more.


These landing page have one call-to-action on them because having only one thing for the visitor to do is the best option for increasing conversion rates.


When you compare this landing page with your homepage, it’s very different.


Your homepage has tons of links to different areas you want your visitors to see. That could be a menu bar. Links on the main image on your homepage. Multiple links underneath your hero image that might point to your blog, your services page and even your about us page. Homepages can have 50 different links on them.


But your landing pages looks VERY different. It needs to have one call-to-action. You might have a few buttons on there but guess what, they still go to that one call-to-action. The fewer links you have on your landing page, the higher your conversion rates will be. You don’t want any distractions that take the viewer away from this page and your one call-to-action. You want it to be very clear that you want them to do just one thing.


There are two types of landing pages, a click-through landing page and a lead generation landing page.


Click through landing pages are great for ecommerce, where you want your visitor to click through to buy something.


Lead generation landing pages have a form where you will be collecting leads. I will mostly talk about this type of page since most of my listeners are in the business of collecting leads.


So we know what should not be on your landing page. We know not to have multiple call-to-actions, just stick with one. Also, leave your main navigational menu bar off this page.


So what does goes on it? Well, for the lead generation landing page, you need to add a form that collects your visitors information. It’s best to keep this form short. For most of us, all we really need to collect is a first name and an email address. I’ve seen many service companies that only collect one thing, the email address. I like to have a first name since I like to personalize my emails to my visitors. Sometimes coaches that do 1 on 1 meetings with their clients, they love to have a phone number and collect that. So know what you need for your business but remember, less is more.


Next we need to look at the design. Your landing page needs to be super clean and clear. What stands out the most should be the title of what this page is all about and the call-to-action. When you write text, make sure it’s easy to read and scannable. Having some white space on your landing page is totally fine, you don’t want to pack it with too much text.


When I create a landing page with a downloadable PDF, I usually add an image of the cover of this PDF. If for some reason that PDF is not that great looking, I’ll add an image that is relevant to what I’m giving away.


If you want to see an example of a landing page with a simple design and the cover of my PDF, go to my content ideas landing page. It’s titled 40 Killer content Marketing Ideas. Here’s the URL:


You’ll have to make sure your call-to-action button for the form makes sense. For my landing pages where I give away a free downloadable learning PDFs, I usually just write something like “grab this guide”. I keep it very simple but with a more interesting call-out then just saying download or submit! Simplicity is best for these landing pages though, always keep that in mind.


Make sure your call-to-action button matches your overall call-to-action. Is this page for people registering for a webinar? Maybe your button should say register now. If your call-to-action is for people to get on your email newsletter, you button can say “subscribe to get free information”. If you want people to sign up to your beta version, your button can say “sign up – it’s free!”.


Design the call-to-action button so it stands out. My text is usually black, some of my titles are blue, and my call-to-action is a dark pink that stands out from the rest.


In your text, be descriptive but get to the point. Tell your website visitor why it’s important for them to follow through with your call to action or tell them about the benefits they will get.


And make sure your landing page works well on mobile. Test it out. Make sure it’s easy to scroll, fill out the form and hit the submit button.


When you are ready with your landing page, go live with it and watch the metrics.


If you are not seeing a high conversion rate on your landing pages, you can A/B test them. But be sure when you do a test, you only test one thing at a time. You can test the header, test the image, test the form, test the call-to-action.


Also, putting a testimonial from a real customer can help because it’s social proof that what you have to say is legit.


More and more landing pages now have a video on there that tells the visitor what they are getting. It gives them a nice personal way to learn from you.  This is always a good thing to test because you don’t want to lose people to only watching your video and not end up filling out the form. But in general, video is always a great tool.


Also, think about personalization. If you have an ad that is split up to two different audiences, you can also split up your landing page. So for example, if you have an ad with a cat on it for cat lovers, your landing page should have cats on it. If you split up that ad for dog lovers and the ad has a dog on it, the corresponding landing page should also have a dog.


For legal reasons and also to create trust, you will often times see a link to the Privacy Policy page. This establishes trust with the visitor. I started putting them on my landing pages as well.


And don’t forget about SEO, search engine optimization. Your landing pages’ title that shows up in the tab needs to have the right keywords. This is not the same as the main title. The title in the tab should be short and includes the keywords you want.


For SEO purposes, also be sure to have a header title on your page for the H1 tag.


So what happens after your lead hits submit on your landing page?


They need to have a good experience. Landing pages aren’t only about the main page.


Some landing pages do nothing after a visitor feels out the form, it just keeps them on that same forms page. This not only looks bad but also will confuse the visitor. They may think they have to fill out the form again.


But having a quick pop up that just says “thank you” is also not enough.


Have a nice message on your thank you page.


Tell them you appreciate them, then direct them to what to do next.

When someone goes to download something on my landing page, I thank them and let them know that they will receive their downloadable PDF via email from me. Then I either direct them back to my website. Sometimes to my blog, sometimes to my services page and sometimes to my homepage. It all depends on the subject of my landing page.


Ok, guys, that’s it for me today. Remember landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads and convert them into customers, so get to work.


Have a fantastic day!







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