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In 6 months, with Andrea in her IMPACT Membership, I've grown an engaged email list with 600 people and I have thousands of people watching my videos (6 months ago, I had 0!)

- Tony Rizzotto, Music Coach & Guitar Instructor

Andrea has been a tremendous help to me in my marketing efforts. She knows her stuff.

She is friendly, patient, eager to help, and the feedback she provides is thoughtful and thorough. There is a lot to marketing and for a solopreneur like me it can get overwhelming. Her courses provide a lot of useful content, and best of all is her willingness to provide personal attention and her desire to help all her students and clients succeed. There are a lot of marketing experts online and I'm very grateful that I found Andrea and enrolled in her course.

- Marlene McLarty, Personal Growth Coach

Andrea's thorough business experience and way of teaching allows you to take what she’s just taught and put it right into your business!

Andrea puts her whole heart into her teaching. Another amazing characteristic of Andrea is that understands that starting out is tough, but she instils the idea that being fearless to try anything can take you far. She brings a confidence that she can’t help but push onto you as well. Her positive attitude and drive for success is contagious!

- Tim Spahn, Financial Advisor & QuickBooks Coach


I'm selling courses! I highly recommend this program.

- Tonya Sims, Sports Scholarship Coach

Andrea's methodology make things super manageable

Thank you Andrea for helping me navigate all the steps required for a successful list building program. I really like the step by step process of this course. It broke down all of the tasks into easy to digest segments. The process seemed daunting, and I was avoiding it. Your methodology made it super manageable. In addition to your vast knowledge and experience in marketing, I love your positive energy and fun personality. I've really enjoyed learning from you.

- Kim Stewart, Business Consultant & Coach

Andrea is a marketing genius!

I had the pleasure of interviewing her on my show LIT where I got to see what a marketing genius she really was. Since then, I’ve seen her show Entrepreneurs and even Olympians how to market effectively. If you’re looking to connect with someone who can help you with your marketing, I would highly recommend Andrea!

- Ravi Toor, Podcast Host


Andrea helped me improve my nurture sales sequence. I feel much more confident!

- Kristin Espinar, IELTS Coach

This level of help I have not received in an online course before

I've spent thousands on courses over recent years and felt they've helped me greatly with the bigger picture and my vision, however I've had issues on the implementation side when hitting roadblocks with the nitty gritty that I need to know, which often isn't a focus of the larger courses. Enter Lists That Convert. The bridge that I've needed. The big info plus the small detail that you really need in order to move forward. The personalized help directly from Andrea is priceless - having an expert who really understands me and my business review my key documents while doing this course is extremely valuable to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lists That Convert - it will well and truly pay for itself many times over. 

- Louisa Chamberlain, Business Owner

It was such valuable content and coaching

I purchased Andrea's content marketing course and as a bonus she added a coaching session. It was such valuable content and coaching. 

No she didn't pay me to post this and I'm not an affiliate. :)

- Paige Armstrong, Relationship Coach

So very glad that I now have this knowledge - it has been time and money really well spent

I am so pleased I took Andrea's Facebook Ads Mastery course as I now feel so confident to spend my money and expect results. I have done facebook ads before but not measured them properly. The next time I use my budget I will know immediately that I'm setting them up properly, how they convert, how to improve my ads if they're not performing really well, how long to wait to give them a chance and how to measure their success. 

- Kate Cowan, Fox Brand Marketing


I now feel confident about running my own marketing!

- Steven Hunt, CEO

This course is a great value and worth every dollar, you won't regret it!

Thank you Andrea for making a course that is easy to learn and watch step by step how to apply and create Facebook & Instagram ads. Before taking your course, Facebook ads were a beast for me. You go above and beyond in your course to help people figure out how to create an ad and not feel overwhelmed. We have launched our first course and placed our first FB ad, it wouldn't have happened without you! THANK YOU!! 

- Janna, Coach

This course has been so helpful to me! 

It’s been exactly what I’ve been hoping for- the explanations are clear, it’s easy to understand, and the steps are short and doable. I didn’t get bogged down in the middle like most courses. It’s the perfect starter course!

- Jen Argue, Mastermind Coach


It's so helpful to work with Andrea!

That's what I love about working with Andrea, if you need personal attention, I definitely suggest to you to hire Andrea Palten!

- Dr. Trina Dorrah, Life Coach

This was relevant, digestible, engaging, and very valuable

Andrea presented a webinar on lead generation for a group of nurses who are freelance writers. It was a privilege to have her share her knowledge and she left us with actionable tips to apply to our business. I'd recommend her consulting services to any freelance writer who is ready to take their lead generation to the next level.

- Portia Wofford, Writing Coach for Nurses

Andrea was always open to answer questions, solve a problem with me, and give advice and insight into how to achieve the results the business wanted

Andrea's Facebook Ad course was so very helpful! I have no background in marketing or ads, but her lessons/videos broke everything down and helped me learn what I needed to get started. In addition to the lessons, Andrea was always open to answer questions, solve a problem with me, and give advice and insight into how to achieve the results the business wanted. I am excited to continue working with these new skills!

- Mahitha Reddy, Pilates Coach



Since starting IMPACT we are getting higher email open rates, our ads have taken off, and have increased our leads by reaching a better market. 

About Facebook Ads Mastery:

Looooooooooooving this course! 

Andrea has a clear way of presenting information and is super supportive as you move through the content. I managed to create a successful ad that gained over 50 conversions in 3 days on an ad costing only $10 per day. I was thrilled with the results and am looking forward to continuing to work with Andrea. Well worth it!

- Alison Sund, Teacher & Educational Business

I highly recommend Andrea as an instructor

Andrea was my instructor for an online Digital Marketing course. She was extremely great, and you can tell that she cares deeply about her students and just wants them all to succeed. Andrea would always make sure to answer any questions her class had or go into more detail when needed with certain subjects. She is the type of person that you don’t feel nervous or afraid to reach out to at any given point with any questions that you may have. She was a fantastic instructor for this course, and I learned a great deal of information that I can now apply to my field.

- Natalie Stewart

Helped launch a new websites, and increased website traffic by 13% and new constituents by 621%

- American Humane Association, Non-profit

Awesome suggestions!

That's exactly why I joined the IMPACT membership. Andrea is really involved and cares.

- Trina Dorrah, Relationship Coach


Andrea's step by step instructions was a game changer for us in running effective ads!

- Dwayne Deskins, Relationship Coach

This training takes away the fear of doing Facebook ads!

This was great! The step by step walk through from start to finish was so helpful. Andrea's teaching style was easy to follow. Truly enjoyed it!

- Sandra Ayers, Success Coach

I'm so thankful for your advice and training

I've been running ads for 3 days and 105 people have been added to my list at 29 pence each.

- Lynette Marsden

She is a marketing guru

I took her 10-week digital marketing course where I learned everything from SEO, metrics and analytics, social media, content marketing and so much more! Every class was easy to follow, filled with rich information, and always sparked my interest. Andrea is very approachable and encouraged everyone to share their ideas in order to create an engaging classroom environment. After taking her digital marketing course, I can confidently say that my understanding of the subject matter has significantly increased. I am glad that I invested in Andrea’s digital marketing course and that I have met a really great instructor.

- Anajeli Resendiz


Working with Andrea has not only increased the leads that we are getting but also the engagement!

- Lisa James, Educator and CEO

I booked 3 PAID engagements this week! 

Thanks, Andrea, for your pep talk this week -- clearly it's what I needed. 😊

Kaecey, Creativity Coach

I am extremely thankful for the time I spent with Andrea!

In the ten weeks I spent learning under Andrea, I was able to build a solid Digital Marketing foundation. I came into the course excited and eager to learn and Andrea taught in a confident and personable manner. She never strayed away from answering any question I had for her. Her detailed and thorough teaching methods gave me confidence to pursue a new career in analytics and digital marketing. 

- Paolo Arciaga

The IMPACT membership is what I wish I had when I first started out!

I'm a year and a half into my business and there are things that got missed along the way when trying to do it on my own and even paying thousands for a mastermind! Andrea covers it ALL from business, marketing, answering all the questions and the community is super wonderful.

Now I feel like I totally got this and that I am intentionally building the strongest business ever and will be a #100kboss (yup, this membership has me feel like I can be making $100k in no time, it's that good!).

- Dr, Chelsea Page, Online Therapist & Intimacy Coach


Andrea helped me figure out how to send the right message to the right audience

- Alyssa, Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor

With years of experience, Andrea is an asset to any company who needs to take their marketing to the next level

Andrea has deep knowledge in every aspect of digital marketing. During my 10-week digital marketing course, she taught me the latest tools and trends that will make me an effective marketer

- Michelle Mondonedo

I will never forget the skills Andrea taught me, and I look forward to signing up for more of her classes in the future

I can’t say enough about classes taught by Andrea! She puts her whole heart - and immense knowledge of marketing - into her teaching. Her thorough experience in marketing allows her to really breakdown digital marketing as well as the multiple tools and resources she’s found along the way. Her knowledge and way of teaching allows you to take what she’s just taught and put it right into your work! Another amazing characteristic of Andrea is that she remembers what it’s like to be new. She understands that starting out is tough, but she enstils the idea that hard work and being fearless to try anything can take you far. She brings a confidence to her classes that she can’t help but push onto you as well. Her positive attitude and drive for success is contagious! 

- Juliet Hulse

Andrea was the best instructor I’ve ever had

Not only does she know everything there is to know about marketing, but she’s super approachable in her teaching. She was able to answer every question I had with a positive attitude.

- Amy Warner Geiger, Social Media Consultant

So knowledgeable about all types of marketing and always upbeat and fun to work with

- Amy Stretmater, Entrepreneur

Helped develop and launch integrated marketing strategies, including email marketing, that propelled sales by 24% and a monthly increase of website traffic by 34%

- Enfocus Solutions, Software As A Service

Andrea is highly knowledgeable about all things marketing

Andrea is whip-smart, highly knowledgeable about all things marketing, and incredibly fun to work with. She is also an outstanding leader who knows how to help teams do their best work.

- Heidi Basarab, Copywriting Consultant

Andrea gets you to the next level

Andrea is doing such a wonderful service for businesses, helping your business grow while staying true to your vision and core values. She collaboratively helps you get to the next level. High recommend working with her. 

- Audrey Issacson, Counseling Group


I have this whole tool bag to keep learning from and use as I work on my marketing career. I can't recommend Andrea enough!

- Ashley, Pilates Coach & Marketer

I highly recommend Andrea as a teacher

She explained things clearly, and was informative, helpful, and very approachable. When any of our class didn't understand something, or needed more time to practice it/complete the task, Andrea was understanding and very patient. Your students feeling comfortable asking for clarification when they don't understand something is a very good sign for any teacher, and signifies a good relationship between teacher and students.

- Laurence Mitchell

She has been an invaluable asset

Andrea- WOW what can I say about her, she is a great coach and very knowledgeable! She has helped me regain confidence by helping me alter my way of thinking from an outside perspective. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone that is looking for a coach, she is definitely a great resource to have in your corner!

- Candice Maldonado

Through Andrea, my knowledge of social media marketing strategy grew exponentially

- Elizabeth Swift

She is on top of my list when I am in need of a social media teacher

I hired Andrea to teach a personalized social media class for my company. It was an informative, professional, and fun experience. She is very knowledgable in her field of expertise. I hired her another time just for myself for some additional teaching and again, was very impressed. She is on top of my list when I am in need of a social media consultant/teacher.

- Kathrin Troxler, CO at Aspire Mountain Tours

Helped increased social media followers by 29% in the first year.

- Mercy Housing, Non-profit

She has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and the depth of real-world experiences she brought to the classroom

I was looking for a hands-on learning experience and Andrea delivered! She has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and the depth of real-world experiences she brought to the classroom really helped put the subject matter into perspective. I found Andrea to be an analytical and strategic thinker – critical skills for any marketer. I walked away from those 10 weeks feeling more confident in my digital marketing abilities and hoping that one day I could work for or with Andrea. She was an amazing teacher, who truly cared about her students.

- Andrea Stevenson

I’m truly honored to know Andrea, and would consider her as a mentor

I was fortunate enough to have Andrea as my Digital Marketing Instructor. Her passion, and knowledge of the various levels of Marketing, only made my interest of this field grow even further. I could go on and on about her expertise in SEO, KPI, social & digital media, lead & demand generation, and email marketing, however, one thing I would emphasize is her willingness to always lend a hand. As her student, I was never afraid to ask questions or to ask for help. I felt very comfortable with her, and it came from the fact that she genuinely cared for her students. Learning ALL about what Digital Marketing has to offer is definitely not easy during a 10-week course, but Andrea’s style of teaching was interactive, engaging, and extremely detail-oriented. I can honestly say we became immersed in the field of Marketing! There are just not enough good things to say about her, and I hope to always have her as a contact for the years to come!

- Reshma Shrestha


I learned so much! I got the tools for my business to go forward and grow it!

- Tina Lee, Entrepreneur

If you need help with branding, web design, marketing strategies, etc, she's the one

- Steven W. Harp, Found and Managing Partner of Colorado Wealth Management

She will increase your odds of getting noticed and staying noticed

As a small business owner, we have never had access to highly skilled people that can provide well informed website and marketing advice. Thankfully for us, Andrea is filling that niche. She helped take our stale website and quickly transformed it into an asset that has started working for us again. My advice to all small and mid-size business owners and start-ups ... work with Andrea. She got the job done efficiently and she will increase your odds of getting noticed and staying noticed. Thanks Andrea! 

- Jeff Campbell, Founder & Owner of Big Horn Imaging

I recommend Andrea to any firm looking for a competitive advantage in Marketing & Strategy

At the intersection of Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership is where you'll find Andrea Palten.

- Chad Leverenz

Her marketing expertise includes strong lead generation

Andrea Palten is a high energy marketing professional who can quickly grasp the needs of an organization and then develop and implement a strategy to address those needs. Her marketing expertise includes a strong understanding of social media as a lead generator. Andrea is positive and professional at all times. 

- Sharon Saxelby


We recommend Andrea to anyone!

We needed some further hand-holding, she's very patient and knowledgable. We totally recommend Andrea to anyone! 

- Poppy & Geoff, Relationship Coaches

I highly recommend Andrea

Being on the forefront of marketing and branding trends Andrea has all of the skills and know how to be an outstanding Marketer! I learned many things and have enjoyed my time as she is a joy to work with!

- Mick Steinbach

It was a privilege

Andrea sees what has to be done and sets out a plan of attack to get results, clearly and timely. She can handle all aspects of online marketing, from web design to lead generation. 

- Amy Jakober, Writing Consultant

She is my go-to person for all things online

Andrea is a true on-line professional. She is insightful and creative. Her marketing expertise is outstanding. She is creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

- Marilyn Flood

Helped increase online sales by 120% in the first six months; overall sales increase by 22% in the first year.

- Big Chill, eCommerce

I hope to work with Andrea again

Andrea has vision, tenacity and a lot of great ideas! She has a great understanding of online marketing strategy and all the processes, vendors, systems and strategies that are required to make them work successfully.

- Lauren Bostrom

Andrea is at once motivating and a pleasure to be around

Andrea is one of the most effective, results-driven individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She always takes the time to provide detailed, useful feedback and point us on a path to success. 

- Kristy LaPlante, CEO of Insights DCS / Author / Public Speaker

Andrea is an amazing resource

She is an expert in the interactive media space, and has background and experience with all online tactics, making her an amazing resource. She also dedicates herself fully by doing whatever it takes to get success!

- Lauren Klostermann

If you're looking for results, you can count on Andrea!

Andrea is a wildly intelligent woman and an expert in all aspects of interactive media. She is great strategic thinker and an effective problem-solver. If you're looking for results, you can count on Andrea!

- Lisa Davenport

She helped me raise significant online funds for a program that I created and as a direct result of her work over a dozen domestic violence shelters were able to receive grants to allow families to bring their pets with them when fleeing an abusive home

Andrea is truly everything interactive media. She just intuitively knows what is needed in today's internet-based world of marketing and promotion. I love her no-nonsense style of getting things done ... and Andrea most definitely gets things done. I have thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming with Andrea.  Andrea is very gifted at what she does! 

- Allie Phillips, Attorney & Founder

Andrea has been a valuable asset to the growth of my business

She is extremely knowledgeable in all things digital marketing and her ability to break it down into digestible / actionable bites is what makes her the perfect coach for small business owners. She is always available for questions and help. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how digital marketing will grow your business.

- Christa Rashford Gurka, Pilates Studio Owner & Entrepreneur

Andrea increased our online donations by over 1000% 

Through her diligent and creative efforts, June's online/email donations came in at a record $71,205 (compared to June of 2007 at $5,608, June 2006 at $9,950, and June 2005 at $1,370. I would highly recommend Andrea, she possess a wealth of experience and expertise!

- Ginger Moore

Helped re-design website and successfully increased unique website visitors by 230% and increased online apartment leases by 53%.

- Archstone-Smith, Real Estate

We definitely owe the success of our grant program for animal victims of cruelty to Andrea

Andrea’s ability to find donors always amazes me. We definitely owe the success of our grant program for animal victims of cruelty to her creativity, her passion.

- Kateri Nelson, Executive Director at Park Country Friends of the Art

I'm already part of this awesome IMPACT membership

Andrea keeps us accountable and fills us full of knowledge every day. If you've been on the fence in taking marketing classes, jump into this membership! You won't be disappointed! So worth it! Thanks Andrea

- Holly Farrell, Designer & Founder of Wellness Garden Design

I'm already part of this awesome IMPACT membership

Without Andrea's marketing expertise, I think I'd be sinking right now instead of swimming with COVID-19

- Gretchen Wagoner, Business Owner

I would definitely recommend the Facebook Ads Mastery course

Andrea's Facebook Ads course was exactly what I needed to set up and learn the basics of Facebook and Instagram ads. Her videos are easy to follow with tons of visuals and examples. The action items at the end of each module helped keep me on track. Her support through the Facebook group and lives were super helpful and add the personal touch I need in a course. 

- Jennifer Tsang, Online Educator & Founder of LunaLab


Andrea encourages students to take risks and reap really big rewards! If you are looking to learn marketing, she should be your go-to guide.

- John Gary, Marketer

I would definitely recommend the Facebook Ads Mastery course If your marketing team needs help in ramping up your marketing campaign or needs an update on digital, I highly recommend Andrea 

I know Andrea is a great Marketing Business Coach! She also puts on a fantastic workshop in Marketing as well.  Andrea led a Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Colorado Springs SCORE chapter recently. I was extremely impressed with her depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject. She kept her audience engaged throughout, adjusted her presentation according to their needs and inspired attendees to pursue their dreams by improving their digital marketing presence.

- Pat Loch, Score

Andrea Palten’s course has been  indispensable for me in terms of digital marketing and strategy!

Not only are her classes well thought out and professionally prepared, but throughout her course, Andrea put in extra effort to address each client’s own unique needs! Her honest, expert feedback allowed me to make drastic improvements to my website. She provided us with in-depth information regarding many other subjects such as SEO and digital targeting, to name a few. 

I learned critical concepts and terms that I had never heard of, despite diligently researching marketing strategies for at least a year prior to taking her course! 

I should have taken her course sooner! Andrea’s class is such a steal for the added value she provides entrepreneurs! 

- Magda Boulay, Small Business Owner

What can I say about Andrea’s marketing class, other than Finally! Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive marketing course for small business owners that is thorough, and INSTANTLY applicable to your business

So much content out there is really just thinly veiled marketing disguised as an online course. This is not the case with Andrea’s class. She gives you the really meaty stuff so that you walk away empowered to take actionable steps towards promoting your business in a big way. Plus, this is the ONLY class I have found that offers you hands on help with your specific business! 

I also REALLY love the community atmosphere created within the class. I was able to meet so many other small business owners who were living that everyday entrepreneur hustle just like I am. And the diversity in industries and perspective lead to incredibly helpful group brainstorming sessions that generated tons of creative solutions and ideas for each other. 

And it can all be credited to Andrea, who leads the way with her infectious energy and talent. She is SO much fun to work with! So stop debating right now and take her class. It is worth your time, it is worth your money.

- Meghan Hunt, Founder & CEO

Andrea is a great asset to have in my corner

I have been working with Andrea for several months in business marketing coaching. She understands my path and the direction I want to go, then suggests and guides me, so that I am able to reach my objectives in the time frame I set for myself. I have now a much clearer understanding on what I have to do. Whenever questions come up I can either just bounce them off her or she assists me by assessing a situation and then make the best possible decision. 

- Susanna Haynie, Owner of CO-RE Group

I recommend her to anyone looking to sharpen their marketing skills

Andrea was a great instructor to have. I really appreciate the collaborative and interactive environment she managed to create in a digital classroom setting. It was a new experience that I think led to a deeper level of learning than I would have expected. Andrea was always available for support in and outside of class. I also really enjoyed the transparency and vulnerability she demonstrated by sharing her real-life business insights with us. I feel confident in the concepts I learned in her course and would recommend her to anyone looking to sharpen their marketing skills.

- Erica Miller


She's helped me increase leads and sales for my clients and my own business!

- Marquece Cunningham, Marketing Agency Owner

She has been a wonderful teacher to learn from

Andrea has been an incredible mentor. She has allowed me to continue my knowledge and advancement in the marketing field. She is one of the most dedicated marketers in the industry. She has expertise in analytics, finance, emerging marketing trends, digital and influencer marketing, as well as working across multiple brand channels. I am so grateful for her mentorship and her incredible expertise in the field.  

- Christin Hammond

She draws from a deep well of experience

Andrea is a consummate professional who draws from a deep well of experience and has a tremendous capacity for strategic application of her skills to achieve utmost results. She is detail-oriented, meticulous, reliable and strives for excellence in all she does. Andrea is a pleasure to team with.

- Diana M. McQuarrie

Finally a program that offers practical advise with a step-by-step plan so you can go from THINKING about your business to DOING business

Andrea Palten knows business and marketing inside out. Her accessibility and willingness to help have made a tremendous impact on my business.Thank you, Andrea! Can't wait for more with IMPACT!" 

- Jan Dyer, Course Creator

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