Learn how to set your business up for success, figure out your ideal audience, and create an online profile that rocks.

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Impact Marketing Membership

Starting a business on your own can be overwhelming!

  • You don't know where to get started - What should I do first?
  • You dream of having a business, but you aren't sure exactly what your offer should be - How much should I charge? What exactly should I sell?
  • You're looking for answers on Google - Who should my target audience be? How do I find them?
  • You're confused about what you need to start an online presence - What should be on my website? Which social media site should I start with? 

It's time to seek help!!! In START A BIZ WITH IMPACT you will learn how to:


Create the right offer 

Let's face it. Your business impacts your life, your life impacts your business. So you need to make sure you sell something YOUR way. 

Whether it's consulting, coaching ... online courses, memberships ... digital products like ebooks ... freelance or contract work, you need to figure out how to price it and how to sell it correctly.

Creating an irresistible offer is key to to have a profitable business.


Figure out your target audience

Settling on a niche will help you understand your ideal client. Who are they? What do they like? What do they need?

Once you figure out your ideal customer, you will learn where to find them to market to them and how to speak to them so they buy your services.

Coming up with your niche will help eliminate wasted resources - something you probably can't afford as an online entrepreneur.


Build your online presence

Your target audience will need to have a way to find you and learn more about you. The best way to do that is with your website. You'll learn what should be on your website to create excitement for your offer(s).

We will also cover other online platforms you can start exploring:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Getting started with a good online presence will help you get your first leads and sales!

Let's get your business started! 🔥

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In START A BIZ WITH IMPACT training you will get:

  • a month worth of coaching
  • live training calls
  • recorded lessons
  • a community so you are never alone in your journey 

Live Q & A

We are going to jump on weekly question and answer calls to get your business started. Together we can achieve anything! 💗

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Why join Andrea Palten in the START A BIZ WITH IMPACT training?

Andrea's former students can answer that best:

"I learned so much from Andrea. Thing I didn't even know to think about. It gave me the tools to start my business." - Tina Lee

"Andrea puts her whole heart into her teaching. Her thorough business experience and way of teaching allows you to take what she’s just taught and put it right into your work! Another amazing characteristic of Andrea is that understands that starting out is tough, but she instils the idea that being fearless to try anything can take you far. She brings a confidence to her classes that she can’t help but push onto you as well. Her positive attitude and drive for success is contagious!" - Juliet Hulse

"I highly recommend Andrea as a teacher. She explained things clearly, and was informative, helpful, and very approachable." - Laurence Mitchell

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Group Coaching (starts May 1st)



You'll get:

  • Recorded course (24/7 life-long access)
  • 3 live coaching calls
  • Community group
  • BONUS - free license for the CONTENT MARKETING MACHINE course

Private Coaching (1 on 1 with Andrea Palten - starts immediately)



You'll get:

  • 3 Private Coaching calls to dive deep inside your business needs
  • Recorded course (24/7 life-long access)
  • BONUS - free license for the CONTENT MARKETING MACHINE course
  • BONUS - free license for the DIGITAL MARKETING MACHINE course
  • BONUS - 2 free months of the IMPACT MEMBERSHIP (business coaching & marketing training)