Podcast episode 92. Are the online gurus lying to you?

Dec 18, 2020

Too many students have come to me after taking courses from "the online gurus" and they are broken. These gurus promised a life on the beach, working 15 hour weeks, and making 6 or even 7 figures! These students take their course, and afterwards, are broke, are working 60 hours a week, and they are lost. Then they come to me and I help them start their business the right way.

Let's talk about the "untruths" these online gurus tell you to sell their programs.




Are you being lied to by the online gurus? This is what I want to talk to you about today. Welcome to the Marketing Guide to Grow your Business podcast. I'm Andrea Palten and I am here to give you marketing tech tips, business coaching, advice, and so much more. Thank you so much for being here. 

So, this is kind of a sensitive subject and this is a pet peeve of mine. 've seen too many students fall for this and they come to me and they're a little bit bewildered. So, I wanted to make sure I do a podcast episode on this. So, look at all the big online gurus. I've taken so many classes for them since they're so great. I have taken classes from James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Rick Mulready and so many more people. They're great. I love them. They teach us such great things. But one thing that I've noticed from some of these people, they seem to have forgotten what it was like to get started. They seem to have forgotten what the first, second, and third-year are like, because of what a lot of them teach... Some of these people that I want to talk about today, I'm not going to name them by names, they were not part of that first group, just so you know. Some of them are.

So, what I've been seeing is people going out there, these online gurus and they're like, oh, yeah, you can just sit on the beach and work 15 hours a week, and you can make seven-figure businesses. You know what, guys, that's complete bullshit. That's not how we start out our business. They didn't start out that way. There's one specific trainer that I'm thinking about and He always talks about how you barely have to work and it's super easy. Having a business is just the easiest thing on the planet and you can make six figures right away, and then seven figures. Then you look at a story. A lot of these people have a history online, so you've got to be careful what you say because there is proof that this wasn't the way when you first started your business. So, this particular person that says this and teaches this to their students, and gets all these students to buy from him, they are buying into a dream, that is hardly ever possible. What happened to him, he had no money. He had to move back in with his parents when he started his business and that's the normal thing that happens to a lot of us. 

When we first start our business, we have to learn the tech, we have to learn marketing, we have to learn the sales, we have to learn how to copyright. We have to learn so much and we have to get out there in front of people before they even take notice of us. So, it's not feasible that you're going to come out of the gate, only working 20 hours, 15 hours, relaxing on the beach, and making six figures. I don't know if these gurus don't remember what it was like, or if they're straight-up lying. I really don't know. To me, it's really frustrating. Then there are a few gurus that are awesome, and they do tell you the truth. 

There is one that I talked to the other day and she mentioned that it took her five years, five years to get to $50,000. But then once she got there at year five, she understood her sales flow, she understood exactly what people wanted to buy from her, and then she packaged up what was working and made it bigger. Then the next year she was making six figures, and then a couple of years later, millions of dollars. So, for her it was this long ramp up, five years of ramp-up to even make $50,000 a year and then all of a sudden it was like bam, six figures, bam, a millionaire. So, these are the stories I want you to think about. Everybody's different, okay.

So, when I first started my business, keep in mind guys, I've 18 years of marketing experience. So, you think out of the gate I would be making six figures right away. I didn't. I was making, oh, I want to say like 15,000, something like that in my first year and then I added on different offers. So, I have consulting, and I have coaching. I also am an affiliate for other people. So, there are many different income flows and then I got to six figures. I'm almost to year two now and my goal for next year is to make $175,000 which was my salary when I left Corporate America. So, that's what I want you guys to think about this is not quick and in the grand scheme of things for me to be making $175,000 in two years is actually super-fast. Most people don't. 

Amy Porterfield, she's also an online guru. She talks about this sometimes. She's one of those people that's super honest, which I like. She mentioned that she didn't make any money at first. The first year, she was making zero dollars. The second year, she lost money, so she was spending more than she was making. In the third year, she started making a little bit, and then I think by year four, she was making good money. I'm talking like six figures good. I'm not talking about millions, that was later for her. So, she's another person that took three, four years. Jenna Kutcher, she's another online guru, she took a while. 

So, it's been interesting for me to see that and it's funny too because the women seem to be more honest about this. The men are going out the gate being like, you don't need to work, you only need to do 15 hours sit by the beach, and you're going to make seven figures and they didn't. So why are they telling people that that's doable because it's not? Here's the reason why it's not doable. The reason that these people can be on the beach for 15 hours a week working, and not having a lot of stress, is because they went through the beginning stages where they worked 60, 70 hours or where they at least worked 40 hours and had a lot of things that didn't work. You have to go through this testing stage. 

First, you have to figure out who's your audience. A lot of times this changes when you’re first starting your business this actually changes, I've changed my audience a couple of times. Then you've got to figure out your offers. So, my first offers that I started with, I don't even sell them anymore, so I have new offers now. Then you have to figure out your marketing, how do you get in front of people. So, for me, that's changed quite a bit too. I took quite a few classes. I wasn't sure if I was going to go the speaking route, like going to events and stuff like that, or if I was going to go do Facebook challenges or webinars. So, there are all these things that I've been testing, and I've done them all. I've done video series, webinars, the only thing I have not done is Facebook challenges, and guess what I just enrolled in a course where I'm going to be learning Facebook challenges. 

These are the types of things that you need to establish. You need to establish all this stuff and then once you figure it out, and something's working, then you optimize it, make it better and bigger and then you can start making money, and then you can hire your first virtual assistant or your first marketer or your first whoever you're hiring. Then the money starts flowing. All these gurus that are out there saying, hey, join my course and I'll teach you how to work for 15 hours and make seven figures, none of them did that themselves when they started. None, because these people that I've been looking at, and I've been listening to, they have YouTube channels and podcast episodes, and I went all the way back when they were starting, and they were struggling. They weren't making money. This one guy had to go back home, live with his parents. One guy shared an apartment with a bunch of people because they could barely afford it. They all have these stories, where they're starting out from scratch, from zero. That's how we all start. So, to go from zero to working 15 hours a week and making seven figures by taking one of these online gurus courses is absolute bullshit. Absolute bullshit. 

So, this was just an episode, part of me just to vent to you guys, because it's something that really bothers me. A lot of these students, they come to me broke. They come to me about ready to give up their business and they come to me broken. They tell me, well, I enrolled with this online guru who told me I could work a couple of hours a week and make seven figures and it didn't work. It doesn't work. So, that's why I'm here to tell you. I've been doing this for a long time. I have helped about 100 people start their businesses. I have 18 years of marketing experience. I've started three of my own businesses. One of them failed, two of them are successful. Well, one of them was successful, and the other one I'm in right now. 

So, it's successful, and it's going to be more successful every year because I have to grow myself. This is only my second year in business and that's what I want to tell you, know that it takes a while. You've got to figure out your marketing, your sales, your audience, your offers, and then once you do it does climb fast. Once you get that sweet spot where you have the right lead magnet, and you have the right email series, and you have the right offers and you're targeting the right people and you're saying the right things that's when the money starts flowing. But it takes a while. 

So, I want you to give yourself some time, some patience, and be really careful when some of these online gurus promise you that if you take their eight-week course, that all of a sudden you're going to be making bank and sitting on the beach and barely working. That is not true. I have never met anybody that has done that. I've never seen anybody, the online gurus that sell this haven't done this. So, be really careful and be really aware. 

Alright, that's my rant. That's it. Thank you guys so much for listening. I always appreciate you. Make sure you subscribe to this channel so you can get all the podcasts in the future. They come out weekly. Give me a review. I'd love to learn what is working for you and that way I can give you more episodes that you like. Obviously, reviews are good because then more people see this podcast. Alright, thank you so much. If you're listening to this live, Happy Thanksgiving in America. We have Thanksgiving tomorrow. Alright, love you lots. Bye.



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