Online & offline marketing for brick and mortar businesses

Dec 04, 2019

If you have a brick and mortar business, there are a lot of different types of marketing you need to think about: local, online, and offline.

Let me tell you the stories of two my students and how they are growing their businesses.

Dr. Magda Boulay of ,a pilates and physical therapy studio in Oakland, CA. She works on online marketing via search engine optimization by having a great website and writing about her craft on her Pilates blog

In addition to Magda's online marketing efforts, she also works on local and offline marketing. Her studio is in a building with other business owners so they put together a booth at a local farmers market to drum up business. In addition to this smart tactic, Magda does tons of networking with other professionals that have the same type of customers that she has. Think masseuses, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more. Partnering up with people that aren't your direct competitors is a brilliant move. This way you can recommend each others services -- and this type of marketing is FREE.

Another student of mine is Dr. Melissa Hales (yep, I got all the doctor students 😊). She empowers and inspires women at Melissa Hales Pelvic Health & Wellness. She also works on search engine optimization and just recently re-designed her website. 

A really cool digital marketing addition that she added to her business is provide her audience with a digital product. She sells an eBook called "The New Mom's Revival Guide".  This is an awesome way of combining offline marketing for her local business with online marketing to reach a national audience. 

So if you have a brick and mortar business, start putting together a marketing plan that includes local marketing, online marketing, and offline marketing. You can even include a digital product like Melissa did.

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