Important Facebook Advertising Metrics You Need to Keep in Mind (& benchmark metrics)

Aug 18, 2019

We know that click-throughs, clicks, and pay-per-click are super important Facebook ads metrics we need to pay attention to. But there are others that you should also keep an eye on:


This metric shows you how frequent an ad is served up to your audience (the average number of times a person saw your ad). If this number becomes too high, people won't click and your ad cost will go up. You want to keep this number under 4. If you are at 4 or over, it's time to change out your ad.

Quality Ranking:

How your Ad's quality compares to ads from your competitors. 

Engagement Rate Ranking:

How your Ad's engagement rate compares to ads from your competitors. 


The number of times your ad has shown.


Here are some benchmarks you can look at. But remember, every industry and every niche is different. So these benchmarks are the average for most industries. Try to find the benchmarks for your industry as well.

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)

or in this example below, Cost per Result = You want this number under $12 

CPC (Cost-Per-Click) 

= Under $1 is fantastic!

Keep in mind, if you get no sales at under $1 click, they aren't working for you. And if you get sales at $2.50 per click, then it's ok to have higher CPC. So this number is important to look at while keeping you number of sales in mind.

According to Wordstream, they are saying that the average cost-per-click is $1.72

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

= 1% or higher is good!

Here are some benchmark metrics (average click-through rate) for different industries from Wordstream:

Landing Page Conversion Rate

= At least 20% (out of the people that land on your conversion page - usually where a sign up form lives - at least 20% follow through and fill out the form and give you their email address or lead).

Landing page views are not calculated by Facebook, you have to do that calculation yourself. You look at your "results" (leads) and divide it by your "landing page views". So, in this example below, it would be: 17 / 27 = 62% (which is a great percentage!)

If your landing page conversion rate is lower than 20% you need to start troubleshooting. Either your ad and landing page don't match (design, content, context, etc...) or your landing page is not convincing the reader to give you their information. Make sure you have a great headline, scannable copy, good design, your landing page design matches your ad design, an easy to fill out form, a mobile optimized website, a secure website (https), and you are a trustworthy brand.

This is NOT a sales page conversion rate. Numbers on a sales page are much lower, usually an average of  2-5% is normal.

Again, keep in mind, this all depends on your industry.


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