Great (and free!) design app

May 06, 2019

If you are an entrepreneur that designs your own images and want to save money, you need to check out this free (and there's a paid version) design tool.

I love Canva. If you haven't tried it you need to! Especially if you are trying to save money as a solopreneur. Doing everything by yourself is hard. This tool makes things easy and you don't have to hire a designer or buy or learn PhotoShop. has easy to use drag-and-drop features and professional layouts to design stunning graphics. It's so easy to use!

And the best part is, that it's free. There's also a paid version that I have now, but for the first year I did everything I needed with the free version.

I mostly used it for Facebook banners, covers and Instagram posts. Here are some examples of what I did with the free version:

This was for one of my podcast episodes. Pretty, right?


This is was for an Instagram story

I didn't really NEED to upgrade to the paid version, but there were two things that kept coming up.

1. After I designed something and I wanted to re-use it as a different size, Canva made me start over again. I didn't want to start from scratch and I wanted to re-size and that was a paid feature. Again though, I could have kept re-designing and it wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I wanted to save some time. 

2. I wanted to do images with transparent backgrounds. Again, this is something I could have done with another site to transform the Canva images into transparency images and for free, but for time saving reasons, I wanted to do it quickly in Canva. 

This is an example of one of the transparent images I needed to make.

Another feature of the paid version is to be able to upload your own fonts. I don't have use for that though, I like the free fonts Canva gives you.

So if you haven't used Canva, start with the free version, you can always upgrade later.

Have fun!


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