How I upload my podcast audio to my podcast platform (from Zoom to Libsyn)

Jun 26, 2020

For those of you new to podcasting, I recorded this video for you to show you how I upload my audio into my podcast platform.

This is what you will see in this video:

  • Step 1 A (audio only): I record my audio in GarageBand (I use a Blue Yeti mic)
  • Step 1 B (audio & video): If I interview someone, I record my interview with video on Zoom and take out the audio only to upload into GarageBand
  • Step 2: I edit the audio in GarageBand
  • Step 3: I add a pre-recorded intro and outro to the podcast episode audio
  • Step 4: Export your audio from GarageBand (pay attention to upload speed!) - I do this into Apple Music
  • Step 5: Convert your mp4 file into an mp3 file (some players don't do well with mp4) using Zamzar
  • Step 6: Upload the mp3 file into the podcast host platform, I use Libsyn. Fill in all the information about your episode.
  • Step 7 (optional): Grab the Libsyn podcast audio code and put the podcast on your website (my site is on Kajabi)
  • Step 8 (optional): Go to Otter to transcribe the podcast for search engine optimization purposes

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