"My page isn't looking right on social media"

May 10, 2019

How many times have I said that? How many times have people come to me for help and they have said that? I don't know, hundreds??!!! 

Have you ever tried to post a page from your website on Facebook or LinkedIn and it looks like this?

Yeah me, too! Obvious, the picture above was one of my posts on LinkedIn. What was happening is that LinkedIn (or Facebook) has an older version of my site stuck in their memory. In this photo above, it was my old site with my old title of "success coach" and the picture didn't come through. What could also happen is that perhaps there is some data missing on the page so that LinkedIn and Facebook can't pull the information on the page correctly. Bummer!

When this happens, not all is lost my friend! There are super helpful tools that LinkedIn and Facebook have put in place for us so you can "train" those social media sites to read your website correctly.

LinkedIn has a tool called "Post Inspector". 

All you need to do is put in the URL from your website that wasn't displaying correctly and these tools "scrape" your webpage.

This LinkedIn tool helps you identify the missing data on your page and what you need to add to your content to have better previews. You can fix what needs to be fixed (or in my case, refresh LinkedIn's memory) and "re-scrape" your web page so that the new data shows. 

After I put in my webpage URL and re-scraped it, the post shows up. This is what this Post Inspector tool looks like:

And after running my webpage through LinkedIn's tool it shows up beautifully in my post on LinkedIn. Yay!!!!

Thank you LinkedIn!

Facebook also helps us out with a tool just like this "scraper". Their tool is called "Sharing Debugger".  

If you try to post a webpage on Facebook and it's not rendering correctly. Meaning the words are wrong or the picture is missing, you can also scrape that URL to see what is wrong or to help Facebook refresh it's memory.

This is what the Facebook tool looks like:

The next time your post is not working correctly on Facebook or LinkedIn, just use these tools! And good luck!

Happy Posting,



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