How and when to get testimonials

Jul 23, 2020

Want to go steady?

Remember back in the day when we asked each other "to go steady"?

Asking someone to be your girlfriend or your boyfriend is very similar to asking for testimonials.

When you first "go steady", it's all sunshine and roses. Similar to when someone first buys your course, your program or whatever you sell. So, THIS is when you ask for a testimonial. You ask in the honeymoon stage! You ask when it's sunshine and roses 🌞 🌹

Most entrepreneurs wait to ask for reviews and testimonials AFTER the engagement. At this point, your client might have already moved on and won't take the time to leave you a good testimonial.

In this video training I go over how to get the best testimonials possible to grow your business and get that important social proof.

You will learn:

  • when to ask for testimonials and reviews
  • how to ask
  • what formats will work best
  • and where to place these testimonials

Check out the video:


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