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Do you need a coach or a consultant?

Jan 27, 2021

So many people confuse coaches and consultants. In this episode I discuss the difference between a business coach vs. a business consultant. 

You will also learn what to ask you before you buy your next course, hire your next marketing consultant, or hire your next business coach.

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Podcast # 98: 11 places for you to guest blog or publish your articles on

Jan 21, 2021

Guest blogging and writing articles for other publications help you with thought leadership, search engine optimization, getting new eyeballs on your business, AND bragging rights.

One of my clients was looking for places to be seen on and I found a great article by Hubspot that listed 11 places...

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News from Facebook and Instagram (+ Madonna and Mark Zuckerberg are going ape $hit)

Dec 22, 2020

Hope you are doing well and getting ready for a fabulous 2021!

In the meantime, here's some news you need to be aware of as a business owner and marketer.

You may have already heard the back to back news from Facebook, Apple, and Instagram. I've been getting questions if this will impact...

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Podcast episode 92. Are the online gurus lying to you?

Dec 18, 2020

Too many students have come to me after taking courses from "the online gurus" and they are broken. These gurus promised a life on the beach, working 15 hour weeks, and making 6 or even 7 figures! These students take their course, and afterwards, are broke, are working 60 hours a week, and they...

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Networking as an Introvert (and during Covid on Zoom events)

Dec 02, 2020

Today I speak with Social Strategy Coach, Nick Shelton, on how to network as an introvert and how to network during this time during Covid.

He gives you strategies on how to prep for events, how to meet people on events done on Zoom, and so much more.

To get in contact with Nick:

  • Nick...
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Wix Shoutout vs. MailChimp

Nov 10, 2020

A lot of my students use Wix for their website and are wondering if they should use the Wix Shoutout email tool or if they should use Mailchimp.

After doing research, here's a Facebook Live I did for my students comparing Wix Shoutout and Mailchimp. 

Want to learn more about Andrea's...

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Should you have a Black Friday Sale?

Nov 05, 2020

We always see ecommerce sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You probably get tons of emails from Nordstrom, Macys, Home Depot and more. The question is … should us coaches, consultants, and service based entrepreneurs do this as well?

Let’s start with some of the issues with...

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How to build profitable lists

Oct 28, 2020

As a coach, consultant, and expert, you not only want to impact more lives but also build a business that sustains your lifestyle and gives you the income you deserve.

In this episode you will learn how to attract your dream clients and grow your list so you can make an even greater difference!


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How to stay motivated as a coach & entrepreneur during COVID

Sep 09, 2020

Listen, discipline and motivation is hard to come by during COVID. Here are some tips and tricks for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to stay motivated!

Here are all the ways to learn with me:


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How to act like an Olympian

Aug 06, 2020

I was recently asked by the Olympics to train their Team USA athletes on how they can show up better online and increase their social media marketing efforts to get a bigger following and sponsorship.

I was sooooo thrilled! You can tell in my cheesy grin in this pic.



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