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DIGITAL MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS is a 10-module fun learning program that will help you master techniques in branding, website, social media, email marketing, advertising, and much more.

Perfect for Coaches, Marketers & Entrepreneurs


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After completing this program, you'll be able to:

  • Set up your marketing campaigns from start to finish!
  • Apply digital marketing skills like sales funnels, Search-Engine-Optimization, Facebook Advertising and much more ... immediately.
  • Get more clients & make more sales now!

Super-charge your marketing know-how today! 

"Not only did I learn strategy, but most importantly how to apply it to what I am doing ... in a few weeks I learned what my friends learned in their entire marketing degrees."

Amy Warner,

Social Media Consultant


What you're getting in the complete Digital Marketing Foundations 10-week course: 

  • 24/7 lifetime access (including all the future updates)
  • Step-by-step training. Nothing is left out!
  • 45 unique marketing lessons.
  • Live question & answer calls.
  • Unlimited email access during the 10 weeks.
Enroll in Digital Marketing Fundamentals Today!

Program Syllabus:

Module 1.1: Landscape of marketing (paid, owned, earned media)

Module 1.2: Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

Module 1.3: Empathy Map

Module 1.4: Buying Personas

Module 2.1: Framework explanation

Module 2.2: SMART Goals

Module 2.3: Business Model Canvas

Module 3.1: SWOT & Differentiators

Module 3.2: Mission statement & value proposition

Module 3.3: Elevator Pitch

Module 4.1: Main pages needed

Module 4.2: Sitemap, Legal pages

Module 4.3: Ladning pages (CTA, conversions)

Module 4.4: Check your site - website speed & mobile friendly

Module 4.5: A/B testing

Module 5.1: KPI

Module 5.2: Google Analytics


Module 6.1: Strangers to promoters

Module 6.2: TOFU (Funnel)

Module 7.1: High intent marketing channel

Module 7.2: What do crawlers do

Module 7.3: Title tag, URL, Meta Description, Snippets, Scream Frog

Module 7.4: Keywords (short-tail, long-tail)

Module 7.5: Google rank factors

Module 7.6: VAVA

Module 8.1: Facebook organic

Module 8.2: Facebook advertising

Module 8.3: Instagram (organic & stories)

Module 8.4: Influencer Marketing

Module 9.1: Customer journey (from awareness to advocacy)

Module 9.2: Google Trends

Module 9.3: Pillar pages

Module 9.4: Editorial calendar

Module 10.1: Welcome series

Module 10.2: Newsletter

Module 10.3: Stand-alone emails

Module 10.4: Surveying

"Andrea encourages students to take big risks that reap really big rewards!"

John Garry,

Marketing Coordinator


"Andrea is a digital marketing beast! She showed me a lot of different strategies & methods I can implement in my business. She helped me increase leads & sales."

Marquece Cunningham,

Agency Owner


"Her long and extensive marketing experience allows her to break down the different tactics so you can comprehend and understand how it all works ... take what you learned and put it to use that night!"

Juliet Hulse,



Andrea Stevenson: "I was looking for a hands-on learning experience and Andrea delivered! She has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and the depth of real-world experiences she brought to the training really helped put the subject matter into perspective. I walked away feeling more confident in my digital marketing abilities. She was an amazing teacher, who truly cared about her students." 

Laurence Mitchell: "I highly recommend Andrea as a teacher. She explained things clearly, and was informative, helpful, and very approachable." 

Reshma Shrestha: "Learning ALL about what Digital Marketing has to offer is definitely not easy during a 10-week course, but Andrea’s style of teaching was interactive, engaging, and extremely detail-oriented. I can honestly say we became immersed in the field of Marketing!" 

About Andrea Palten - Your Marketing Trainer

Andrea teaches her best marketing strategies, tips and tricks from her two decade long experience working in corporate America, teaching digital marketing, and owning her own businesses:

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What you'll get:

  • 10-module Digital Marketing Fundamentals training
  • 24/7 lifetime access 
  • 3 months of IMPACT calls: we meet twice a month on a Zoom call where you can ask any questions you may have
  • 3 months unlimited email access to ask questions
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