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Learn Facebook & Instagram advertising in just 1 month and get 100x more leads & sales!

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Hi, I'm Andrea

After working in corporate marketing for 20 years and owning 3 businesses, I learned that nothing scales your business faster than advertising!

The benefits my students and I have seen from Facebook ads will blow your mind!

  • With 80% of all Internet users using Facebook, running ads is a no brainer!
  • I've done Google ads and display ads -- nothing rivals the awesome targeting that Facebook has created. You can target people by age, interests, behavior, location and much more.
  • Facebook ads is the cheapest form of advertising ... you can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people!
  • Facebook advertising is fast - it drives immediate results!
  • Facebook bought Instagram, so now you can run ads to both platforms in one tool.
  • Facebook ads will help you get more leads and land you clients ... and who doesn't want that!

I've been using Facebook ads for many years for multiple companies and my own business. I've been teaching Facebook ads to my students for three years and the results they've seen have been amazing!

Don't just take my word for it. Entrepreneurs are seeing the highest growth in their businesses when they run ads. Here's one example from a study from the Membership Benchmark Report (2019):

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Now it's your turn to scale your business with Facebook & Instagram ads!

In this 1 month course you will learn how to create high-converting ads, target the right audience, and optimize your ads to get more leads and sales

Student Love:

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"I am so pleased I took Andrea's Facebook Ads Mastery course as I now feel so confident to spend my money and expect results. I have done facebook ads before but not measured them properly. The next time I use my budget I will know immediately that I'm setting them up properly, how they convert, how to improve my ads if they're not performing really well, how long to wait to give them a chance and how to measure their success. So very glad that I now have this knowledge - it has been time and money really well spent."

Kate Cowan, Fox Brand Marketing

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"Andrea's Facebook Ads course was exactly what I needed to set up and learn Facebook ads. Her videos are easy to follow with tons of visuals and examples. The action items at the end of each module helped keep me on track. Her support through the Facebook group and lives were super helpful and add the personal touch I need in a course. I definitely recommend it!

Jennifer Tsang, Course Creator

"Thank you Andrea for making a course that is easy to learn and watch step by step how to apply and create Facebook & Instagram ads. Before taking your course, Facebook ads were a beast for me. You go above and beyond in your course to help people figure out how to create an ad and not feel overwhelmed. We have launched our first course and placed our first FB ad, it wouldn't have happened without you! THANK YOU!! This course is a great value and worth every dollar, you won't regret it!



Dwayne Deskins, CEO & Coach

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"This course has been so helpful to me! It’s been exactly what I’ve been hoping for- the explanations are clear, it’s easy to understand, and the steps are short and doable. I didn’t get bogged down in the middle like most courses. It’s the perfect starter course!"

Jen Argue, Mastermind Coach

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"Looooooooooooving this course! Andrea has a clear way of presenting information and is super supportive as you move through the content. I managed to create a successful ad that gained over 50 conversions in 3 days on an ad costing only $10 per day. I was thrilled with the results and am looking forward to continuing to work with Andrea. Well worth it!"

Alison Sund, Teacher & Educational Business

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"This was great! The step by step walk through from start to finish was so helpful. This training takes away the fear of doing Facebook ads! Andrea's teaching style was easy to follow. Truly enjoyed it!"

Sondra Ayers, Success Coach


Poppy & Geoff, Relationship Coaches

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"Andrea's Facebook Ad course was so very helpful! I have no background in marketing or ads, but her lessons/videos broke everything down and helped me learn what I needed. In addition to the lessons, Andrea was always open to answer questions, solve a problem with me, and give advice and insight into how to achieve the results the business wanted. I am excited to continue working with these new skills!" 

Mahitha Reddy, Pilates Instructor & Marketer

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"I just started the course and posted an ad to get leads to build my email list and already gained 150 additional email addresses to my list! This course has finally helped me to figure out how to target the right people to my business. And I've only ran the ad one week so far! The best! This is gold!"

Yvette Perrin, Online Paint Parties

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"I recently started Andrea's Facebook Mastery course. It has been a life saver at creating well performing FB Ads. I've used other products and coaches to help with my ads in the past but her coaching has made it so easy to create my own. I'm excited to have found Andrea Palten and gain a better understanding of digital marketing."

Lauren Sok, Athlete Coach

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More results:

  • increased my email list from 500 subscribers to 2,000 subscribers
  • got 300+ webinar attendees
  • decreased cost-per-sale from $30 to $15
  • got my first clients from Instagram ever
  • sped up my lead generation by 100x

My goal for you is to simplify Facebook ads for you so you know exactly what it takes to be successful creating your high-converting ads that get you leads and sales.  

There are lots of Facebook ads teachers out there with crazy long courses that will take you 3 months or more to complete. With thousands of lessons, worksheets, and complicated technical jargon, these courses will only add to your confusion!  

Facebook Ads Mastery is a simple, step-by-step system to teach you the exact strategies that will help you reach your goals. 

In just 1 month you'll learn Facebook & Instagram advertising and get new leads & clients immediately!

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