Join us for the first ever marketing, business growth, and mindset monthly membership that is specific to fierce entrepreneurs creating a thriving business online. 

Introducing ... IMPACT

Welcome to your impactful business & life! 😍 XOXO, Andrea

Impact Marketing Membership

You know what it's like when you go at it alone:

  • You are creating more and more busy work since you don't have a plan and anyone keeping you accountable
  • You dream of having work and life balance, but you find yourself either sucking at life (darnit, you forgot to call your best friend on her birthday ...) or you are sucking at your business (you promised yourself you would do weekly blog posts but forgot, again ...)
  • You're looking for answers on Google - How to get more engagement on my Instagram stories? How can I get my Facebook ad costs down? How do I launch my next service? How many emails should I sent?
  • You are lonely, there's only so many times you can have a conversation with your dog
  • You are quietly (and probably without knowing) sabotaging your own success because your mindset is all over the place

In IMPACT, all this stops!!! You will be able to:


Create an Impact

Let's face it. Your business impacts your life, your life impacts your business.

Making a meaningful change in your life takes time, commitment and support.

If you want more success in business and a better life, this membership can provide you with the structure and motivation to achieve results.



With proven systems and an experienced mentor, you can transform your business one step at a time.

In this membership you will learn how to scale your business, create proven marketing strategies, and learn how to get new clients in the door - consistently!

Get the results you want in your business!


Take Action

Together we'll get you to take the action to grow your business. 

In this membership you'll get plenty of accountability to help you achieve success:

  • weekly action plans
  • monthly accountability and help with Q&A calls
  • review each month & improve

You will turn your goals and ideas into concrete results!

Stop the madness ... Let's do this together!

Let's create impact in your business and your life 🔥

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In the IMPACT MEMBERSHIP, each month you will get:

  • a live Masterclass to learn how to scale your business
  • I’ll help you take the guesswork out of marketing so your business can grow
  • a Mindset live session to create not only the business of your dreams but also the life you've always wanted
  • a Live Q & A call to keep you accountable and help you get you unstuck
  • a Community on Facebook group so you are never alone in your journey 

and don't forget, tons of support, accountability and community!


In every monthly masterclass you will learn something new from lead generation to advertising to email marketing to messenger bots to ... (it will blow your mind! In a good way 😉). Everything you learn will get you one step closer to setting your business up for success!

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To create a business you need to have your mind straight. It can be hard work, so we go over how to stay on plan, create a life / work balance (yes, this does exist!), and learn how to keep motivated. Together, we'll stay accountable via monthly live calls.

Live Q & A

We are going to jump on monthly question and answer calls to check in where we are at with our action plans, go over any business questions you may have, and improve marketing campaigns you are working on. This is a time to ask questions about business, marketing, and life! Together, we can achieve anything 💗

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When we are not on our monthly three calls per, we can help each other out and hold each other accountability in our Impact Society community on Facebook. I've created a private group just for us to network and get to know each other. "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller.

Why join Andrea Palten in the IMPACT MEMBERSHIP?

Andrea's former students can answer that best:

"Andrea puts her whole heart into her teaching. Her thorough business experience and way of teaching allows you to take what she’s just taught and put it right into your work! Another amazing characteristic of Andrea is that understands that starting out is tough, but she instils the idea that being fearless to try anything can take you far. She brings a confidence to her classes that she can’t help but push onto you as well. Her positive attitude and drive for success is contagious!" - Juliet Hulse

"Andrea- WOW what can I say about her, she is a great coach and very knowledgeable! She has been an invaluable asset. She has helped me regain confidence by helping me alter my way of thinking from an outside perspective." - Candice Maldonado

"I was looking for a hands-on learning experience and Andrea delivered! She has a wealth of knowledge and the depth of real-world experiences she brought to the classroom really helped put the subject matter into perspective. I found Andrea to be an analytical and strategic thinker – critical skills for any marketer. She was an amazing teacher, who truly cared about her students." - Andrea Stevenson

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What are you waiting for? Make an IMPACT and go after your dreams!

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