Learn the fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram ads ...

and how to set them up for success!

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In Intro to Facebook Advertising you'll learn how to:

  • decide whether you want to run Facebook and/or Instagram ads
  • set up your Facebook Business Manager
  • place the Facebook pixel on your website (and learn what a pixel does)
  • learn Facebook ads policies so that your ads run
  • figure out how much you should spent on your ads
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Hi, I'm Andrea

After working in corporate marketing for 20 years and owning 3 businesses, I learned that nothing scales your business faster than advertising!

After taking this free course, you'll have set up your business manager, pixel, and figure out your pricing. These are the building blocks of doing Facebook and Instagram ads.




Student Love:

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"This was great! The step by step walk through from start to finish was so helpful. This training takes away the fear of doing Facebook ads! Andrea's teaching style was easy to follow. Truly enjoyed it!"

Sondra Ayers, Success Coach

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