It's Time To Create The Life You Want

My newest podcast and program is all about helping you create the life that you've always dreamt of.

I help you stand in your own power so you can learn to be healthier, happier, and calm that monkey mind ... for a joyful life that is not only possible but that you deserve!


Hear from doctors, nutritionists, therapists, and personal research and experience how to live a healthier and better life.


Learn how to dial up the joyful and happiness dials in your life to live a more full-filling life!


From meditation to mindfulness, see how you can calm your mind -- without any "woo woo" (just science based) -- for the ultimate life.

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Hi, I'm Andrea. 

I'm here to help you fight for your best life … this is a space for inspiration, confidence and strength for women like you - that want to live healthier, be happier, and strive to live in the moment and enjoy life to its fullest.

Learn from doctors, therapists, nutritionists and hear my personal story from overcoming daily panic attacks to living happier and calmer ... and creating my best life.

I'm here to help you create the life you want!