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You've probably already heard how important it is to have an email list. We've seen again and again, the bigger the list, the bigger the income.
You've thought about getting started with list building or growing the one you have. But ...
  • maybe you've felt overwhelmed and haven't gotten started

  • or you have gotten started but your darn list isn't growing the way you want it to

  • or maybe the tech scares you

Whatever reason has been holding you back, it's time to just do it!

To give you the boost in your business that you need, I've created this program for you ... introducing Lists That Convert!

Perfect for coaches, consultants, and service-based business owners!

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"Finally a program that offers practical advise with a step-by-step plan so you can go from THINKING about your business to DOING business."

- Jan Dyer, Aesthetician Consultant & Coach


"I feel so much more confident in list building. I definitely recommend this course! ... and I'm selling courses now - which I'm very happy about!"

- Tonya Sims, Sports Scholarship Coach


"Thank you Andrea for helping build a successful list. I've really enjoyed learning from you!"

- Kim Stewart, Business Consultant & Coach


Thousands of potential clients want their problems to be solved and they are looking for help, so you need to make sure it's YOU that they find and opt into YOUR email list.


I've been in marketing for 20 years and have helped hundreds of clients and students grow their businesses. And the very first thing is always to start growing that most important email list.


With the right list and continued growth you can:


Serve Your Clients

by nurturing them correctly so they buy from you.


Grow Your Community

so that you have new potential clients on your list available whenever you sell something. AND YOU CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE!


Drive Sales For Your Business

so you can not only make an impact for your clients but also for your income.

compare that to:

  • less than 6% of your followers actually see your social posts
  • you own your email list, but you don't own your followers on social media (what if Mark Zuckerberg decides to close down Facebook?!)
  • and let's look at the click rate ... on average 3.57% of readers click on a link in an email while on social only 0.07% click on a social post
  • and lastly, if #facebookdown or #instagramdown gives you heart flutters, your email system will be your safe sidekick

As you can see, growing your email list is a MUST-HAVE for your business ... you don't want to rely on borrowed land!

It's time to level up your business game

If you can do one thing to get more clients and help more people, it's growing your email list!


Here's what you get in Lists That Convert:


  • Really get down and dirty in uncovering your niche (from your target audience to your offer to the transformation you provide)
  • Learn my Lists That Convert Roadmap to get you to your first 1,000 email addresses and continue to grow your list

Having a strategy will help you set up a system to attract more people and get more clients!


  • During this phase we'll workshop together to set you up for success with proven best-practices and plenty of examples
  • Use the Lead Magnet System to create the right freebie to attract the right audience
  • Figure out the email funnel to move your followers to leads to customers

Take action now with the implementation part of the program. It's not just about learning, but it's about implementing so you can grow your business immediately!


  • Learn with and from other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Building a community is very important when starting your own business - you never know ... they could be potential business partners, clients, or friends

The community is built both in the private members-only Facebook group and on the Zoom calls.


  • I will help you edit and consult on your work to make sure it will grow your business
  • With 20 years of marketing experience I know what works and what doesn't work for optimal list building and business growth

Getting feedback help is key to making your marketing successful so that you can get a bigger income and help more people!

This is not one of those courses with thousands of people where you are a just a number, here you get personal feedback for your maximum success.

"That's what I love about working with Andrea, if you need personal attention, I definitely suggest to you to hire Andrea Palten!"

- Dr. Trina Dorrah, Life Coach


And of course I have bonuses for you:

Content Marketing Machine course: Step-by-step process to help you create content easier & quicker so you can spend more time on your business and with your customers! 

50 Killer Subject Lines swipe file: Super cool subject lines that you can copy and paste guaranteed to increase your open rate.

Plus Guest Expert Training:

  • How to write emails with Bobby Klinck (email marketing expert)
  • Search Engine Optimization to learn how to rank higher on Google and other popular search engines with Emily Fontes (search expert)
  • How to get booked as a guest speaker with Mai-kee Tsang (podcast expert)
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List Building success:

"Andrea helped me improve my nurture sales sequence. I feel much more confident!"

 Kristin Espinar, IELTS Coach

"We are getting higher email open rates and have increased our leads by reaching a better market."

Alison Sund, Teacher & Educational Business 

"I've grown an engaged email list with 600 people."

Tony Rizzotto, Music Coach & Guitar Instructor (is in multiple programs)

"Andrea helped me figure out how to send the right message to the right audience."

Alyssa, Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor

"I booked 3 PAID engagements this week!"

Kaecey, Creativity Coach

"My advice to all small-size business owners and start-ups ... work with Andrea. She will increase your odds of getting noticed and staying noticed."

Jeff Campbell, Entrepreneur

What you will get in

Lists That Convert:

⭐ 5-week step-by-step training to create a list that will get you clients (or go at your own speed)
⭐ Live small group calls for extra support (twice a month)
⭐ A private Facebook group where you can ask unlimited questions and get unlimited answers (daily!) - if you aren't on FB, no sweat, you can email me directly



  • How to identify the right transformational message for your audience so you can attract your dream clients
  • How to choose the best content platform to grow your business so you don't waste time doing ALL the things
  • Which email service providers and website software works best so you can get started immediately growing your list
  • How to identify what your ideal clients want to hear & learn from you so you can attract more buyers
  • How to create the right freebie to grow your list and attract your future buyers
  • How to come up with killer weekly content that speaks directly to your leads so they pay attention to YOU and not your competition
  • What type of emails you need to send to get your list to buy from you so that you can make the income you deserve and help more people (isn't this what it's all about?!)


Hi, I'm Andrea

After my father suddenly passed away and I found myself moving to another city to help out my mom, I was lost. I needed a new job and I needed a purpose.

After working with a life coach, I figured out my purpose was teaching and I began my marketing coaching business. Since then I've worked with other life & health coaches to improve my life. I'm forever grateful to these wonderful coaches and experts! 

This is why I took my 18 years of marketing experience and started training coaches, consultants, and experts how to grow their businesses so they can serve more people and make a difference.

And your success is all based on how many new clients you can attract ... this is why list building is vital!

After a successful marketing career and having started 3 businesses, I know what it takes (and what it doesn't) to start and scale a successful coaching business. This is why Lists That Convert is so powerful and will set you up for success. And help even more people! Which is what it's all about!

I can't wait to see you inside!




"Andrea is an absolute power house when it comes to all things marketing and she's a great mentor!"

- Larissa Halls, Life Coach


Andrea has been a tremendous help to me in my marketing efforts. She knows her stuff. She is friendly, patient, eager to help, and the feedback she provides is thoughtful and thorough. There is a lot to marketing and for a solopreneur like me it can get overwhelming. Her courses provide a lot of useful content, and best of all is her willingness to provide personal attention and her desire to help all her students and clients succeed. There are a lot of marketing experts online and I'm very grateful that I found Andrea and enrolled in her course.

- Marlene McLarty, Life Coach

I've spent thousands on courses over recent years and felt they've helped me greatly with the bigger picture and my vision, however I've had issues on the implementation side when hitting roadblocks with the nitty gritty that I need to know, which often isn't a focus of the larger courses. Enter Lists That Convert. The bridge that I've needed. The big info plus the small detail that you really need in order to move forward. The personalized help directly from Andrea is priceless - having an expert who really understands me and my business review my key documents while doing this course is extremely valuable to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lists That Convert - it will well and truly pay for itself many times over. 

- Louisa Chamberlain, Business Owner

Thank you Andrea for helping me navigate all the steps required for a successful list building program. I really like the step by step process of this course. It broke down all of the tasks into easy to digest segments. The process seemed daunting, and I was avoiding it. Your methodology made it super manageable. In addition to your vast knowledge and experience in marketing, I love your positive energy and fun personality. I've really enjoyed learning from you.

- Kim Stewart, Consultant 

Let's grow your list to grow your business! 🎉

And remember, the bigger your list, the bigger your income
and the more people you can help!




  • live-long recorded training
  • BONUS: Content Marketing Machine course
  • BONUS: Digital Marketing Fundamentals course
  • BONUS: 50 Killer Subject Lines swipe file
  • BONUS: Guest expert speakers on email copywriting, search engine optimization, and how to get booked on podcasts
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