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Step-by-step process to help you create content easier & quicker so you can spend more time on your business and with your customers! 

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Marketing content creation doesn't need to take a lot of time nor does it have to be stressful!
Content creation can be easy ... so that you will get traffic, fans, followers, subscribers and most importantly, more sales without spending days doing it!

The reason that you think content creation is stressful is because you don't know how to produce content quickly and easily ... yet!

I know, I've been there! But that all changed when I learned to produce content that customers actually love (and share!). Let me show you how! Rank higher in search engines, make it easy for your ideal customer to find you, and turn your leads into buyers.

What you will learn:

Apply content to the right part of your customers journey

Content Marketing Fundamentals

Why is content marketing so important, how it works, how to apply it to your customer journey to inspire people to take action so that you can get more sales.

- Target Audience

- Research

- Customer Journey

Come up with new content ideas ... consistently

 Generating New Content Ideas

Tips & tricks from digital marketers for getting to know your audience and generating new content on a consistent basis.

- Consistency

- Idea Generation

- Editorial Calendar

Create content that gets you leads & sales

Effective Types Of Content

Get to know the most effective types of content that creates new leads and sales.

- Metrics

- GoogleAnalytics


- Guest Lesson from brand strategist & master copywriter, Melinda Martin

Repurpose & batch content

Content Repurposing & Batching

The magic of successful business owners and marketers is knowing how to repurpose your content. Mastering this will help you create fresh content without spending hours doing it!

- Repurposing

- Batching

- Resources

- Scheduling Tools


A little about me:

Students call me a "Content Marketing Machine"!

I'm a 20-year marketing executive:

  • 18 years of corporate marketing experience
    • Transamerica (B2B Finance)
    • American Humane Association (Non-profit)
    • Focus Media (Marketing Agency)
    • Big Chill (eCommerce)
  • 3 years of digital marketing instructor experience
    • General Assembly
    • Speaking Engagements
  • 10 years of entrepreneur experience
    • digital marketing agency
    • ecommerce store
    • marketing coaching & consulting

See you inside! - Andrea

"Content is huge for marketing. Andrea is killer at content so that was super helpful. She knows her stuff!"

Amy Warner Geiger



Create content easily and quickly so that you will get traffic, fans, followers, subscribers and most importantly, more sales without spending hours doing it!

What you'll get:

  • Module 1: Content Marketing Fundamentals

  • Module 2: Generating New Content Ideas

  • Module 3: Effective Types Of Content

  • Module 4: Content Repurposing

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