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I help provide tools, education and guidance to make career advancement achievable.



This podcast provides you with weekly tips & tricks on how to grow your business and improve your marketing strategies.

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Private Coaching

If you would like private coaching for your career advancement, let's get on a free call to see how I can help you excel in your career.



Check out all the different e-courses available below.

From figuring out your dream career to a creating great LinkedIn profile.

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Are you ready to find your dream career? In this course, we go over your passions, strengths, likes, and dislikes to discover the perfect career for you.

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If you are job searching or want to be discovered, you need a LinkedIn profile that stands out. Check out this course that shows you how to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

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"Thank you Andrea! People need your career coaching if they want to actually change their lives. Your course is a bargain considering what you're offering people, well done! "

Mark Pino
Real Estate Investor and Philanthropy Expert

"Andrea - I want to stress how helpful you were during my career change. You gave me simple and clear items for me to work on. I was able to successfully move from telecom to marketing tech because of you. Sometimes all someone needs is solid advice to point them in the right direction."

Joshua Colucci
Marketing Tech

"Andrea, you were instrumental in my career pivot! "


"If you are looking to enhance your career and be empowered, Andrea is the career coach for you. "

Stacy Ruse
Owner, Stacy Ruse Counseling Group

"WOW what can I say about her, she is a great coach and very knowledgeable! She has been an invaluable asset. She has helped me regain confidence by helping me alter my way of thinking from an outside perspective. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone that is looking for a coach, she is definitely a great resource to have in your corner! "

Candice Maldonado

"If you are looking for someone who can help motivate you and inspire you to go after the life you want Andrea is your coach! There's a calmness and genuine good feel to her personality. She has a zest for life that you just feel radiating from her. She has amazing inspiring videos and other tools to help you figure out your personalized map to the journey that is a true genuine you. "

Stephannie Jimenez

"You gave me great advice on my LinkedIn profile, career ideas, and job posting sites I did not know existed. This was all advice I sorely needed. You gave me some ideas that served as the strategy for finding a new position, and my layoff turned into a very positive career move. "


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