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#104. Hear from a Social Media Manager all about social & benefits of working with an SMM  >>LISTEN NOW >>



#103. Hear from a Pinterest expert why you should be on it  >>LISTEN NOW >>



#102. How storytelling can grow your business   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#101. Feisty5 - How to interview CORRECTLY   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#100. Figuring out your target audience   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#99. When you need a coach vs. a consultant   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#98. 11 places for you to guest blog or publish your articles on   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#97. CLUBHOUSE - it's all the rage - should you be on this new social platform?   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#96. 6 hot 🔥 marketing trends for 2021   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#95. Madonna & Zuckerberg going ape $hit (news from Instagram, Apple, and Facebook)   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#94. Freebies, freebies, freebies for you!   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#93. How to network - even if you are an introvert   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#92. Are the online gurus lying to you?   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#91. Set your business up for success with Facebook Ads   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#90. How to host a virtual event   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#89. Should you have a sale on Black Friday?   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#87. How to grow profitable lists   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#86. When your referrals run dry   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#85. Email list growth for business success   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#84. 3 keys to success when you are first starting out   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#83. The Psychology of Marketing - 5 Tips   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#82. Physician to Life Coach   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#81. How to grow your coaching business   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#80. How to stay motivated as coach & entrepreneur   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#79. Should you have a Mastermind as one of your offers?   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#78. How to get sales easier and quicker   >>LISTEN NOW >>



#77. Zero to 600 emails and thousands of video views in just a few months   




#76. Need more clients? Grow your list!

In this episode I talk about the importance of growing your email list.



#75. How to get featured on podcasts

I speak with Visibility Coach, Amelia Roberts, on how you can get interviewed on other people's podcasts. This helps with visibility, through leadership, and authority. 

AND you get in front of new people and grow your followers and leads ... and clients.



#74. How to find your buyers (target audience)

Without knowing who your target audience is and without knowing where to find your future buyers, your business won't grow. It's as simple as that.

In this podcast episode I go over places to learn more about your future buyers.



#73. How do I succeed with social media?

How to win at social media. What platforms should you be on, what should you post, what should you be tracking.



#72. How to create winning content

Content is King! Here's why content is so important and how to start creating your long-form content for weekly engagement.

I'll go over an easy way to put together a content plan for the entire year.



#71. Don't get bullied into your "why"

Have you been told that money can't be your motivator? Have you been chastised for having the wrong "why" you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you struggling with your one big "my why"?

If you answered yes to any of these, then listen up. There is not just one way to find your "why".



#70. The 3 Tactics that Make Coaches and Experts Successful

Ever wonder why some coaches and experts make 6+ figures and others do not? There are three tactics that these successful coaches and experts use.



#69. From 2 jobs to a side hustle to CEO

I had the pleasure of interviewing Portia Wofford and how she went from having two jobs to creating a side hustle to being the CEO of her own business.

We also discussed Black Lives Matter and creating a more inclusive coaching / consulting industry.



#68. Consistency is key to grow a successful business

Consistency is the number 1 ingredient you need to grow a successful business.

In this episode I will go over why you need to be consistent, ways to be consistent, and how to get yourself motivated to show up regularly and often for your clients and customers.



#67. Successful entrepreneurs practice self-care

Look at the successful entrepreneurs around you, what do they have in common? The vast majority practice self-care. A healthy body and a healthy mind helps take your business to the next level. In this episode I go over some self-care practices you can start today to become a better entrepreneur.



#66. The importance of Search Engine Optimization (interview with an SEO expert)

I interview Emily Fontes, SEO expert, on what you need to do to get your website search engine optimized.

We go over what SEO is, the importance of content, keywords, meta tags, images, and so much more.



#65. Market like a Drug Dealer

Crazy title, I know. But hear me out here. Successful drug dealers are doing some things right.

As crazy as this is, they know good marketing and it's something we need to be doing in our businesses.



#64. Instagram Hashtags Dos and Don'ts

The Instagram Hashtags Don'ts will make you laugh out loud.

If you want your business to be found on Instagram, get engagement on your posts, and increase your follower count, you will need to start using Instagram Hashtags.

In this episode I go over the Dos and Don'ts (these are hilarious) of hashtagging on Instagram.



#63. Don't miss the "thank you" page opportunity

Think of your "thank you" page as an opportunity page. Which is often missed ...

When a person lands on your thank you page after downloading something from you, they have already been "sold."

They've already made the big decision to interact with you and have shown interest in your business.

At this point, any additional request seems less daunting, so use this opportunity to ask for something else.



#62. The one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common

After years of studying successful entrepreneurs, I noticed that there is one thing they all have in common.

In this episode I will go over what it is and give you tips on how to get there as well.



#61. Why you need a long sales page

Long form sales pages are vital to your business. There are two types of buyers, the impulse buyer and the analytical buyer. Both need two different things from you and your sales page.



#60. Lead Magnets: Videos and Facebook Challenges

You've heard me talk about the traditional lead magnets that are PDFs like checklists and ebooks. Today I want to talk to you about doing video series and Facebook challenges as lead magnets to grow your email list.



#59. How to Get Noticed Online

Before you start marketing yourself online, you need to go through some of the basic steps first.

In this podcast I talk about what you need to set yourself up for success, and THEN you can show up online and get noticed ... and get leads and followers. 



#58. Lead Generation Tips During COVID-19

Lead generation is one of the most important things you can do for your business, especially right now during COVID-19. The more leads you have, the bigger your email list and the more of a chance you have to make sales.

Building an email list is vital to your business because it's the best way to build a relationship with potential customers in an intimate way. ...

With emails you can nurture your leads and convert them into buyers. LISTEN NOW >>


#57. Should You Run Facebook Ads Right Now

Things are crazy right now with COVID-19 and social distancing. And it's crazy on Facebook as well.

Check out what is happening with Facebook and Instagram ads in these turbulent times and what entrepreneurs and small business owners should be doing right now. LISTEN NOW >>


#56. Transform into a Thought Leader & and Learn How to Get Booked On Stages

I interviewed Alexandria Agresta from Purpose Pioneers. From human connection to COVID-19 to becoming a thought leader ... we covered it all.

She teaches you how to transform yourself from Entrepreneur into a Thought Leader, becoming the go-to expert in your industry and turn your business into a movement all by speaking on stages. LISTEN NOW >>


#55. Health Series: How to strengthen your immune system, emotional eating, movement, and much more

During the time of social distancing with COVID-19, we need to take extra special care of our bodies, our health, and our nutrition.

I interview Dr. Brittny Williams Howell, MD to give you tips on how to strengthen your immune system with nutrition and supplements. LISTEN NOW >>


#54. Health Series: The importance of sleep for your health, mood, and overall well-being

Are you not getting enough sleep? Or perhaps with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 and the social isolation you are noticing you are sleeping too much?

In this interview I speak with Mag Secretario, a Personal Energy & Potential Coach, about the importance of sleep, your health, the time change (this was an interesting one I didn't know about!), depression, and what you can do to be well-rested and in a better state of mind. LISTEN NOW >>


#53. Health Series: How to manage your emotions

Emotions are high right now and understandably so. With the COVID-19 outbreak and the social isolation a lot of us feel out of control.

I interviewed life coach, Danielle Napolio Cox, on how to focus on your emotions right now, how to understand them, and learn how to manage them to get through these difficult times. LISTEN NOW >>


#52. Health Series: How to balance working from home with your partner

I talk with Dr. Chelsea Page, Sex & Relationship Expert, about how couples can stay "sane" during this lock down due to COVID-19. LISTEN NOW >>


#51. What you can do for your business in these times

Here are some ideas of what you can do for your business right now. 

I'll discuss multiple income streams, course ideas, free tools, free support for businesses, and your future. LISTEN NOW >>


#50. Are your clients on Facebook?

In today's episode I go over who actually hangs out on Facebook so you can decide if your target audience and your future clients are on it.

I also go over Facebook ads, videos, pages and more. LISTEN NOW >>


#49. How to grow your email list fast

Having an email list will grow your business! So you need to start collecting those email addresses quickly. 

Listen to this episode to get tips on how to grow your list fast. LISTEN NOW >>


#48. The Art of Success (3 Podcast Hosts Tackle "Success")

Together with two other podcast hosts, we discuss the art of success.

What does success mean to you? When is enough enough? What are your goals? LISTEN NOW >>


#47. How to get over your fear of video

Doing Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, and recording video is fantastic for the all important "know, like and trust" factors all of us entrepreneurs need to nail.

In this episode I will give you 10 tips on how to get over your fear of video. LISTEN NOW >>


#46. Should you beta test your courses and memberships?

In this podcast I go over what beta testing is, why it can help you, and what how you should beta test.

Here's why I'm doing it and what I'm getting out of it ... and most importantly how beta testing can improve your customer experience. LISTEN NOW >>


#45. Personal Branding, Marketing, Communities (my interview on "Success Quest")

I was recently invited on the show Success Quest. I was interviewed by Jaco Harmon.

We chatted about marketing, personal branding, communities and culture.

I thought you would enjoy this interview. Check it out! LISTEN NOW >>


#44. Podcasting: The new networking (interview with Matt Johnson)

I interview Matt Johnson, CEO of Pursuing Results and Podcast Host of Micro Famous, about podcasting. We discuss how to pitch your podcast, get interviewed on someone else's podcast, use podcasting for networking, make money from being a guest podcast speaker, break through the noise (your competition), and much more. LISTEN NOW >>


#43. What successful business owners have in common

Successful entrepreneurs have things in common we should be taking a closer look at.

In this episode we'll go over four common traits that business owners, who made it, have in common. LISTEN NOW >>


#42. Loneliness & the entrepreneur

Half of CEOs from the CEO Snapshot Survey reported experiencing feelings of loneliness in their role. And it's even worse for solopreneurs like most of us online entrepreneurs! LISTEN NOW >>


#41. Back to the basics: how to get more clients

For 2020, let's go back to the basics: how to get more clients.

We are going to look at your unique selling proposition, your niche, your social proof and much more. Once you have this foundation down you are much more likely to get as many clients as you want. LISTEN NOW >>


#40. Importance of targeting the right audience - your ideal customer

I recently taught a free Digital Marketing Bootcamp class and recorded a snippet for you. This is all about targeting the right audience:

Your ideal customer and why it's so important to figure out your niche and learn to talk to your ideal customer. LISTEN NOW >>


#39. Interview with a videographer about the importance of video marketing

I interviewed videographer, Andrew Hazzlee, from Vehement Visuals.

We chatted about Tik Tok, video business cards, why videos are so important to grow your business, and the future of video marketing. LISTEN NOW >>


#38. "New School" networking to grow your business

We all know the traditional old way of networking: pay for a conference, show up, chat with other attendees.

New School networking is a bit different. Listen to this episode to get some ideas on how to network to grow your business and get more clients. LISTEN NOW >>


#37. Advice from famous entrepreneurs to new entrepreneurs

What advice are famous entrepreneurs giving to new small business owners?

Check out the entrepreneur advice from:

Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Laurence Bradford, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and many more.

This advice applies to start-up owners and all new small business owners. LISTEN NOW >>


#36. Balancing your side hustle (interview with Jacob Harmon)

Interview with Jacob Harmon, web design company owner, podcast host, 9-5 employee -- how to balance your side hustle. LISTEN NOW >>


#35. Are you ready for 2020? Here are your marketing tips!

2020 is right around the corner. What are you doing to market your business?

Here are some marketing trends you want to watch out for in 2020. From voice search to messenger bots to Google Snippets. LISTEN NOW >>


#34. Crush your goals (interview with a manifestation coach)

I interviewed manifestation coach, Emyrald Sinclaire. We chatted about goal crushing, manifesting it all, and goal setting.

Perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs. LISTEN NOW >>


#33. Why it's important to have a great website

88% of potential consumers research a service or product before they make a purchase online. This buying behavior shows the importance of having a great website for today’s businesses.

A great website looks good, works well, is search engine optimized and has great content. LISTEN NOW >>


#32. Don't let fear hold you back

A lot of entrepreneurs are fearful when they go live on Facebook or Instagram. They are scared to shoot a video. They are nervous about putting themselves out there. As an online expert, coach, or teacher, you have to learn how to overcome this fear to show up online in order to expand your online presence. Here are the 4 fears I see the most with online small business owners and we'll also talk about how to over come them. LISTEN NOW >>


#31. Learnings from 2 entrepreneur conferences

I was recently at two different entrepreneur conferences:

  • The Entrepreneur Experience by Amy Porterfield
  • BBD Live by James Wedmore

Here are some of the learnings I wanted to share with you from various industry leaders. From quizzes, to Facebook ads, to 1-1 coaching. LISTEN NOW >>


#30. How to use social media for a new small business

There's more to social media than just posting on TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more... Let's discuss planning, metrics, content creation and much more.This is perfect for the first-time social media poster or for a new small business. LISTEN NOW >>


#29. How to build an email list

Too many new online business owners underestimate the importance of a robust email list. This episode will give you some tips and tricks on how to get more email addresses and leads to grow your list. LISTEN NOW >>


#28. The #1 take-away from an 18 year marketing career

I've been a marketer for 18 years now. Sure, there are tons of changes from postcards to video, from Facebook to Artificial Intelligence ... but one thing always remained the same... Check out the podcast episode to find out what. LISTEN NOW >>


#27. How to outsmart the Facebook algorithm

Every business owner and marketer wants to get their Facebook organic posts seen on Facebook. But changes have been made ... and it's harder than ever. In this podcast episode I will give you some tricks that you can use to overcome the Facebook algorithm changes in 2019. Let's get started! It would be a shame for your target audience not to see your awesome posts. LISTEN NOW >>


#26. Use partnerships to amplify your marketing

Partnering will help your marketing efforts. Partnerships can:

  • Double your traffic
  • New backlinks
  • Better SEO impact
  • Ability to reach a brand new audience



#25. Copywriting tips (even if you don't like to write copy)

I'm not going to lie, I don't like to write copy, but as a solopreneur, this is something I'm always striving to get better at. Here are some of the learnings I want to share with you. Check out these copywriting tips.



#24. Interview with a Conversion Copywriter: Persuasive Writing

Interview with Mai-kee Tsang, Launch Strategist + Conversion Copywriter, about:

  • The 3 Pillars of Persuasion - and why you shouldn’t worry about others copying your content 
  • The 5 Phases of a Profitable and Fueled Launch (see Mai-kee's freebie below)
  • H2H Marketing: why moving away from the mentality of “B2C” and “B2B” is the key to creating lasting relationships with your audience



#23. Content, content, content

Becoming a content-creation machine has made me a successful marketer. 

There is a magic sauce to content marketing ... check it out.



#22. How to improve your email marketing performance

Email marketing has remained one of the most effective ways to convert prospects into sales and revenue. 

Email is still one of the top tools used for content marketing and converting your audience. But stats have shown that open rates and click-through-rates are decreasing.



#21. Interview with a marketing technologist about creating online courses

Interview with Sharice Enis, marketing technologist, at Sharice & Co. Sharice helps busy coaches, consultants and freelances get their knowledge into a beautifully packaged ready to sell digital asset like online courses, membership sites and group coaching programs.



#20. Grow your business with content marketing

Content Marketing is the creation of content, the publication of that content and the distribution of that content to your ideal customers so that you can bring in new traffic and new customers. It also builds trust and thought leadership with your leads.



#19. The importance of digital marketing fundamentals

Digital marketing fundamentals are important for any business owner and marketer.

It’s important to inform yourself on how you can reach new customers, donors, or clients using all the exciting digital marketing channels and tactics that are available to you. 

To be effective at digital marketing, you need to leverage the technologies that fuel online media like landing pages, clickable ads, lead magnets, and social media profiles. And maybe even video and podcasts like this one.



#18. Deliver value throughout the 5 stages of the customer journey

In a fast-paced world, you need to build a relationship with your customer. To get started on getting leads and sales in the door, you need to understand your customers buying journey.

In this podcast episode, I will guide you through the 5 stages of the customer journey and how to create a customer journey map. 

Brands and entrepreneurs that succeed are building relationships with their customers in every stage of this journey. 



#17. How to write empowering copy

Interview with Brand Strategist, Melinda Martin. She will cover the 5 common copy-writing mistakes a lot of us entrepreneurs make and how to fix those mistakes ... and so much more.



#16. How to use niche marketing to grow your business

Niche marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market. Instead of marketing to everyone who could benefit from a product or service, this strategy focuses exclusively on one group—a niche market—or demographic of potential customers who would most benefit from the offerings. This episode will go over how to get started building your niche marketing, including buying personas and ideal customer avatars.



#15. Six essential marketing strategies for any Start-up

When you are in the start-up stage of your business, you are all about the testing stage, giving away tons of free content and services and collecting testimonials. In this stage, feedback to grow your business is more important than customers right now. This is the time to improve your brand, improve your services or product.



#14. Tons of ways to monetize your online business

Here are some ways you can make money as a Digital CEO. These ideas are for your primary income, secondary income, and passive income. 



#13. Videos Are Awesome for Your Marketing

With 71% of consumers watching more and more videos, you just can’t ignore this awesome marketing tactic. Video marketing is vital to your audience engagement. 



#12. Email list building in 2019

Having a robust email list is what can help you with sales. Because these people already know you, they are familiar with your work, they are used to engaging with you.

In combination with social media actions, website tracking, and joint marketing actions, email marketing is the ultimate, most powerful marketing channel.



#11. Facebook Advertising: How to set up FB ads and an interview with a FB Ads Manager

This episode is a double whammy!

First, I will go over how to set up your Facebook advertising and then I will interview Isobel Burns from Digital Marketing Engine. She discusses some important things to keep in mind when creating Facebook ads.



#10. Use surveys to make smarter marketing and business decisions

Get to know your audience by creating surveys. It is truly one of the best ways to figure out what your customers want and what’s in their heads and what they think about you and your brand. Luckily, with technology, asking your customers or your leads any questions is easier than ever!



#9. Create high converting landing pages

Landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Learn what landing pages are, what should be on them, and how to make sure they convert.



#8. Paid, earned, or owned media -- find out what's best for your business 

Most marketers know these terms very well: earned, paid, and owned. But most small business owners wear many hats and marketing is just one of the very many things you have to do, you might not be familiar with these industry terms.  

No matter what size business you have, earned, paid and owned media is essential for creating marketing strategies that reach your audience. 



#7. What are pillar pages and why are they so important?

Did you know that a good website is comprised of different types of content pages? The homepage has a different function than the landing page and then there are pillar pages. When done correctly, you can totally make your business stand out with content with these pillar pages.



#6. The truth about the mindset of a successful entrepreneur

This episode is for my entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners. This episode is about what’s in between your ears… your mindset!

Mindset is one of the most important parts of any entrepreneur’s journey.

Here are some tips to strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset. 



#5. Resources for killer content marketing 

Creating valuable content for your audience is an awesome way to get quality organic traffic at higher volumes. Listen to this episode and download my latest freebie to get content marketing ideas that work.



#4. The essentials that should be on all small websites 

You have a new business and you need to create your first website for it. Or you have a business and you are re-launching your website. Either way, do you know what should be on your site? Listen to this podcast to learn about the essential pages that should be on your business website.



#3. How to build your, vital to your business, email list 

List building is crucial for a successful business. Here are some good ways to collect email addresses in order to build a successful list to later sell to.



#2. Marketing is all about storytelling

There is an art and a science to telling the right story in marketing. To do content marketing correctly for your business, listen up!



#1. Identify Your Ideal Customer

Before you begin marketing your business, you need to identify your ideal customer.

Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) represents your one single perfect customer. Knowing your ideal customer avatar is so important for the success of your business! So listen up.