This FREE & LIVE training will show you how to get started with marketing. I help take the overwhelm and stress out of learning digital marketing.

As a new business owner (or just new at marketing), you are probably not getting enough traffic & leads.

Am I right?

If that's the case, you won't want to miss what I'm about to reveal in these Get More Traffic & Leads masterclasses which are available on October 2nd, 3rd, and 8th. 

This is your chance to learn:

  • How to consistently create new content ideas even if you're feeling you have nothing to say
  • The number 1 mistake that causes low converting lead magnets (and learn how to turn that around)
  • How to move your audience from strangers to customers to promoters

And yes, there will be a replay available for 24 hours after the masterclasses, but be sure to join live so you can ask your questions and get answers immediately. 

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Why students attend:

🎉 Andrea teaches step-by-step marketing and strategies. I recommend Andrea for anyone that wants to run successful marketing campaigns. - Steve Wilson, Founder & CEO 


🎉 I was looking for a hands-on learning experience and Andrea delivered! She has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and the depth of real-world experiences! - Andrea Stevenson


🎉 I highly recommend Andrea as a teacher. She explained things clearly, and was informative, helpful, and very approachable. - Laurence Mitchell

This live training is a MUST ATTEND if:

  • You’re a small business owner who wants more traffic to your website
  • You are new to marketing and don't know where to start
  • You need more sales (and learn how to convert leads into customers) 
  • You’re confused or overwhelmed by all the different content marketing tactics
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Hi, I'm Andrea!

I'm offering this Masterclass because I want to teach you what I've learned ... my best marketing strategies & tips from 18 years working as a marketing executive and owning my own businesses so that you, too, can kick-start your marketing and create a successful business!

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If you're tired of hustling to get eyeballs on your social media sites and website, what are you waiting for ... here is your chance to join me for the Get More Traffic & Leads Masterclass!

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