Hi, I'm Andrea, your marketing guide 


I help scale companies with proven processes. Check out the consulting and courses to help you grow your business:

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Hi, I'm Andrea

I'm a marketing expert with 20+ years of experience 

I help scale companies with proven processes. Check out the consulting and courses to help you grow your business:

Marketing Courses

Marketing Consulting & Business Coaching

IMPACT consulting to grow your business and get more clients:

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To create a booming business, you have to master the basics of growth marketing & lead generation


but there's a problem ...

  • It's hard to get new clients consistently
  • What you've tried so far isn't working
  • You don't know where & how to start
  • Nobody has give you a plan
  • It's difficult to grow your email list
  • You are not staying consistent 


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"Andrea is an absolute power house when it comes to all things business growth and marketing ... and she's a great mentor!"

Larissa Halls, Life Coach


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Client Wins:

"Andrea has a clear way of presenting information and is super supportive as you move through the content. I was thrilled with the results and am looking forward to continuing to work with Andrea. Well worth it!"

- Alison Sund, Children Education Coach

"I booked 3 PAID engagements this week! Thanks, Andrea, for your pep talk this week -- clearly it's what I needed."

- Kaecey, Creativity Coach

"Andrea Palten knows business and marketing inside out. Her accessibility and willingness to help have made a tremendous impact on my business. Thank you, Andrea!" 

- Jan Dyer, Course Creator

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Meet your marketing & business growth guide, Andrea Palten

As a business consultant and marketing trainer, Andrea understands the pressure of making your marketing work and growing your business. That's why she uses proven tactics and frameworks guaranteed for success.

She works as a marketing executive, lead generation expert, and growth strategist for Fortune 500 Companies and start-ups alike, taught marketing for four years, owned multiple businesses, and now teaches online entrepreneurs how to grow their own businesses. 

It’s time for you to learn the right marketing tactics that will grow your business so you can get the income you deserve.

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