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For Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Online Entrepreneurs

Do you struggle with growing your business online?

โœ” Is explaining what you do complicated?

โœ” Did your last marketing effort flop?

โœ” Do you need to come up with an email sales funnel?

โœ”๏ธ Are you struggling to grow your list?

โœ”๏ธ Is it time to revamp your website?

โœ”๏ธ Do you feel overwhelmed by all the digital marketing channels & tactics?

I help online businesses kickstart their new companies and help existing entrepreneurs to accelerate their marketing to get an abundant supply of ideal clients knocking on their virtual door.


Success Stories:

  • Andrea helped me figure out how to send the right message to the right audience (Physical Therapy Clinic)

  • Online sales increase by 120% in the first 6 months (Big Chill)

  • I'm now confident to run my own marketing (Boutique Hotel)

  • Increased number of donors by 120%, email donations by 2,756% and website donations by 284% in two years (American Humane Association)

  • Walked away from those 10 weeks feeling more confident in my digital marketing abilities (Marketer)

  • Successfully increased unique website visitors by 230% in 1 year. Helped increase leases filled out online by 53% (Archstone-Smith)

  • I learned so much, A-Z marketing. Things I didn't even know what to think about. It gave me the tools for my business (Greeting Cards business)

  • Increased order sizes by 8%. Increased visitors by 15% (Hach)

  • I have this whole tool bag to keep learning from and use (Pilates Studio)

What Makes This Training So Different?

As an entrepreneur, 18+ year corporate executive and marketer, and digital marketing teacher I can help you create a thriving virtual business.

All the training is personalized to you and your brand so that you can see continued growth and success.

Meet your Business Growth Strategist

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Happy Students:

"Andrea's program has been indispensable from me. She puts in extra effort to address each student's own unique needs! I should have taken her program sooner! Andrea's program is such a steal for the added value she provides entrepreneurs."

- Magda Boulay, Founder & CEO of P.ila.T.es | Physical Therapy & Pilates

"What can I say about Andrea’s marketing program, other than Finally! Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive marketing program for small business owners that is thorough, and INSTANTLY applicable to your business. Today."

- Meghan Hunt, Founder & CEO

"Andrea is a wealth of knowledge in marketing and business. I appreciated being taught by someone who has as much experience and passion as her. I couldn't recommend anyone better."

- Ashley Hansen


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